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I am the lead developer of LizardFactory, a small app and game studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm also the CTO of SteamAds.com, an affiliate network for game and app developers.

I strive to perfection, and the absolution only found in clean programming and math.

Always looking for the next challenge. If you're honest, you can always ask for help.

comment What's the name of the AD&D module with the parasitic worms in the rubble?
Do you have any guess on the timeframe of this module ? When it was released ?
comment Balancing character intelligence against players wits
Straight up giving the answer to the smartest player seems a bit flat for my taste, but I see the logic in obscuring the components they need.
comment Do shield's AP stack with the player's armour AP?
As said in my other answer, I can only recite what rules as written say. I hear your argument, and it will not be the first time in history that the gamemakers are not completely clear in their formulation. I looked through the erretas, but could find nothing. I would leave it up to the GameMaster of your campaign, or put it to a vote in your group.
comment What penalties do shields have?
RAW = Rules as written, RAI = Rules as intended.
comment How can I balance an encounter with reinforcements?
thanks dpatch :]