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I have been running role playing games now for about 4 or 5 years, and my system of choice by far is Savage Worlds. I've played in and run games using a number of others, but none I have used so far clicks quite so well. I enjoy running games far more than I do playing in them, and my greatest experience so far has been a long running zombie apocalypse game that recently concluded.

I currently run several games - A Deadlands Reloaded campaign, a Hellfrost campaign, and I am just gearing up to start something using Unknown Armies, a completely new system to me.

comment How can I make a Pathfinder campaign like the Monster Hunter video game series?
It feels to me like you are asking us to design large parts of the campaign for you. There are so many different ways of figuring out rewards for a quest system for example, what then defines a 'correct answer'?
comment How can I make a Pathfinder campaign like the Monster Hunter video game series?
Even once that is clarified, this is massively broad. You're effectively asking us a range of only slightly related questions.
comment What's the perception DC of a shout spell?
You might want to consider asking the second half of this, about specific words/phrases as a separate question. As can be seen from the first answer you have, it is likely to get missed by people.
comment Searching for a System for Games with Dark Humour and Absurd Heroism
I've made some edits to make the question flow a little better. I hope it doesn't alter the meaning of what you are asking for, but feel free to revert if you don't like what I've done.
comment 5E Trap/Ambush/Stealth Mechanics VS Passive Perception Confusion
Hi and welcome to the site. Unfortunately your answer is going to get voted down. The reason for this is because this is not a forum, and we expect answers to fully answer the question as asked and at the moment, yours doesn't. Would it be possible for you to edit it so that it does?
comment Is there a system that supports playing really high-powered characters for a Dragon Ball Z scenario?
Can you be a bit clearer on what experience you have with each of these systems using them in the same type of scenario the question is asking about?
comment How to prevent conflict between characters from becoming conflict between players?
I've edited your question to make it a bit clearer, but if you don't like what I've done feel free to revert it to your version :)
comment An explanation of magic in Call of Cthulhu
Do you have a copy of the rulebook? They are really good with mechanical and background information for how magic works.
comment What are the most important features of Umbral Horizons?
No problem. I suspect that someone with a better understanding of the subject might be able to make a better job of it, but its definitely clearer now.
comment What are the most important features of Umbral Horizons?
I've done a very rough edit of your answer to try to make it a bit clearer to read. I hope I haven't changed the meaning of anything, but if I have then feel free to revert back to before the edit.
comment What is the spell attack bonus and spell save DC of a Thief using the Use Magic Device feature?
@Miniman if that's the case, can you edit it as you seem to understand what the question is trying to do?
comment Are risks of non-combat death exciting or just frustrating and discouraging?
@minnmass you can award a bounty for it if you want to give more rep
comment Savage Worlds Powers - trappings and other options
@StephenDunscombe I've updated the answer as best I can. Quite often, the reason a question and clarification exist on the official forums at all is that the rule in question is not explicitly clear, and I think this is the case with the Trappings part of the question you ask. It is accepted that these clarifications are considered RAW
comment How are units converted to metric in translations of D&D 3.5?
See meta.rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/5545/… for a meta question relating to this question
comment I think the DM is trying to drive the group apart
@Eregrith although related as an issue, it doesn't sound like the situation described is necessarily seeing that problem (yet)
comment Are PCs supposed to start a game knowing each other, and if not, how should they meet?
great answer. The only thing I'd add is a comment that for a brand new GM, having a group of total strangers can be difficult to make work, and it makes the first few sessions much harder work for you.
comment How to get others interested in restarting a very old campaign?
I think this question is perfectly valid. As the only answer so far has demonstrated, there are approaches you can take as a GM that could reinvigorate interest.
comment How can I be considered bloodied while above half HP?
that's the way I interpret it
comment How to handle a group of inexperienced players who split their party more often than I can handle
I've made some edits to your question that hopefully improve the flow and grammar a little without changing the meaning of what you are asking. If you don't like it though, you are free to revert back to your original.
comment How to handle Mass creature numbers
This is all interesting stuff, but it doesn't seem to actually answer the question. The issue as I understand it isn't dealing with a situation where players are in over their heads, but specifically how to handle the initiative and keeping people interested when there are lots of individual enemies