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comment System for a game of courtly intrigue
Have you used the system? If so, can you please give a little information about how it meets the individual criteria specified in the question?
comment My PCs have a plan that will get them all killed; how and why should I save them?
I'd also ask whether they were given the opportunity to detect the presence of the spy. If they were and failed then fair enough. However, if not then that is incredibly unfair on the players, as it gave them no chance of altering the situation
comment How should pets/summons/familiars be handled in Fate?
Even without an expert knowledge of Fate I can see this question has issues. You do not define what you mean by appropriate here, which is really important. It would help to have more context about the specific situation you are using familiars in, as it will impact significantly on which solution might be best. Do you have a particular setting? Are all characters having familiars, or is it unique to one of them? etc etc. Basically, what are you trying to actually achieve by introducing familiars into your game?
comment How to run a campaign for intelligent players with idiot PCs?
This is an excellent, excellent answer. The advice on tailoring descriptions in particular works really well from experience.
comment Game Recommendation for Hunger Games rip-off
@Grizzled Hi, I just wanted to explain why I'm still sticking with my -1 vote. Our standards for game-recommendation questions are really high, and require answers to show how they meet each of the individual criteria specified in the question. At the moment, your answer still doesn't really do this. Would it be possible for you to address each of the 4 criteria listed and explain how Rolemaster addresses them?
comment How do you tell someone you think they are cheating?
@But it could be important because cheating means different things in different systems, and can have different ramifications. It's by no means essential information, but could certainly help :)
comment How do you tell someone you think they are cheating?
What system are you using?
comment How can I implement Cinematic Fencing (à la “The Princess Bride”)?
This would be an even better answer if you were clearer on when you have used the suggestions yourself and how they went, particularly for the first part.
comment What's a good system for a short adventure / one-shot in Westeros
Do you have any experience of using these systems in this kind of setting before?
comment What is the recent edition history for Savage Worlds and major differences between them?
@SevenSidedDie I'm torn as to whether to edit this further or write a new answer. I believe it is increasingly inaccurate to refer to SWEX as the most recent edition. The changes in the deluxe version are minor but make important gameplay differences, and newer companions are often relying on rules additions such as dramatic tasks and social conflicts. As an edit would effectively change your conclusion, I thought it would be best to ask you what you wanted me to do?
comment How can I avoid players spending too much time planning?
I feel this is unnecessarily punishing. If I were a player who had GM do this I would be extremely upset that they hadn't at least flagged the possibility of it happening first.
comment What's the best way to present a sandbox world to your players?
have you looked at the other questions on the site with the sandbox tag?
comment What system is most suited for my Harry Potter game?
Link to meta discussion on this question and answers…
comment Good yes-or-no questions to ask
Hi and welcome to the site. Unfortunately, this type of question is a very poor fit for our format as there is no clear correct answer. What you'll end up with is an ongoing list of suggestions, and the community decided a long time a go that list questions do not work. This will mean that the question gets closed to allow you to edit it into something that works a little better.
comment How can I make a Pathfinder campaign like the Monster Hunter video game series?
Even once that is clarified, this is massively broad. You're effectively asking us a range of only slightly related questions.
comment What's the perception DC of a shout spell?
You might want to consider asking the second half of this, about specific words/phrases as a separate question. As can be seen from the first answer you have, it is likely to get missed by people.
comment Searching for a System for Games with Dark Humour and Absurd Heroism
I've made some edits to make the question flow a little better. I hope it doesn't alter the meaning of what you are asking for, but feel free to revert if you don't like what I've done.
comment Is there a system that supports playing really high-powered characters for a Dragon Ball Z scenario?
Can you be a bit clearer on what experience you have with each of these systems using them in the same type of scenario the question is asking about?
comment How to prevent conflict between characters from becoming conflict between players?
I've edited your question to make it a bit clearer, but if you don't like what I've done feel free to revert it to your version :)
comment An explanation of magic in Call of Cthulhu
Do you have a copy of the rulebook? They are really good with mechanical and background information for how magic works.