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comment How to improve the Diplomacy skill mechanic in D&D 3.Xe and Pathfinder?
They both saved me a ton of stress in roleplaying because before I never knew what to say (the random chart helps) and I had trouble making conversations challenging and rewarding (the GitP system brings that in line with the rest of the game, and lets diplomacy have a big effect on the plot). I added my take on GitP to the answer, even though the OP said he didn't want to hear it.
comment How does a Cloaker's Engulf ability work?
I think the bite's attack bonus is +3 only when it's being used as a secondary weapon during a full attack. As a primary weapon it should be +8 like the tail.
comment Dealing with a problem player not playing to their character aspects
I thought it was the character who had no social skills, not the player. The problem was that he was trying to browbeat the NPCs anyway with lots of questioning.
comment What kinds of player contributions work well and under what circumstances?
@Thanuir Great justification for giving XP for metagame-style things -- I just stopped giving XP for good roleplaying, but you made me reconsider.
comment What would clever creatures do to protect their lair?
I'm upvoting for the good ideas herein: * bees, wasps, and attack birds vs fliers * trapping attackers between walls and releasing a stampede * toppling log walls on defenders Those are all really good.
comment How to reduce Whiff & Ping
Try coming up with 20 rounds' worth of reasons why you missed, though. I prep monsters with two or three ways for describing misses (monks chose a defensive stance, fire elementals flicker like a candle as your blow whooshes past, satyrs dance beyond your reach), but you just can't make up something new every time. It does help if your characters change tactics or opponents when they are having trouble hitting, so that the first set of misses is due to the cleric's full plate, and the next set is because of the rogue's dodging.
comment Is there a way to eliminate opponents through grappling?
"You don't get to choose which creature you hit" is only true for ranged attacks, per PHB 151.
comment Where can I buy a massive D4?
I want the question re-opened too because I want a massive d4. The closest I came was at Gen Con, where they sold 1.5" high d4s made out of quartz. But flaws in the quartz kept me from buying.
comment Playing as, not with, ourselves
Charisma to me is persuasive force of will -- your mental Strength score. So your Charisma ought to be whatever you can argue the other players into giving you!