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comment Is it possible to produce a bowl-shaped probability curve with dice rolls?
An additional variant mechanic: Roll 3d20 but with 1 of them being distinct. This roll actually gives you 4 different distributions at once, which you can use for different purposes! You can do: take low die (low log curve), take mid die (bell curve), take high die (high log curve), or take distinct die (linear). I've experimented with this for 3d10 and it yields nifty results. One example tweak you could use: the lowest die is your value, but the distinct die is your critical hit check. That gives you the lower curve, but retains the same odds of critical hits as a linear 1d20 roll.
comment Systems that use ability tests with a descriptive result applied by GM interpretation?
FATE uses a verbal scales (some variations) but it usually is just a coating over a numeric system. Like a "Good" attempt doesn't mean the GM just makes up stuff, it means "4". Closer to the question might be the Amber RPG, which uses rankings, but relies on GM fiat to determine when situational advantages are enough to swing favor.
comment What counts as ground for Tenser's Floating Disk?
Some players don't care for such "non-rules" interpretations, but this is always my stand by. Its supposed to be magic, so you can't "trick" it into working when it shouldn't. More over, I'd always imagined that it being on the ground was part of the nature of the spell, such that a mage would understand that it just doesn't work.
comment What is a good gaming system for running a 'con man' game?
+1 for Diaspora, the social conflict minigame in that has worked real well for us and the setting is pretty easy to adapt.
comment Good first “indie” rpg to try out?
+1 for Diaspora. I've introduced many indie games to my generally traditional group, and Diaspora clicked instantly. Its just an excellent game.