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I am a Software Development Professional who currently works for Appian Corporation as a Software Engineer Manager, Scrum Master, and Software Engineer for the End User Mobile team.

I am currently looking for Android developers to join a smart, motivated, Agile team of mobile developers in Reston, VA, USA. If you are interested, send me a message and we can start talking.

I strive to empower others. I accomplish this by enabling a greater awareness in others, by understanding processes and simplifying them, by mastering, creating and improving software tools, and by encouraging positive collaborative work environments.

During my career, I have worked on many projects on the Apple Macintosh, MS Windows, Apple iOS and Android devices, and Linux servers. These features focus on improving people’s productivity by simplifying their processes so that people are free to be more creative rather than focusing on the manual labor of configuring the computer to go through steps that can be automated.

I like to develop software in a manner that I think is efficient, sustainable, maintainable, useful, and truly considerate of people’s needs. This means that the software is iteratively designed with customer feedback, the code is designed by at least two people and, if possible, developed by at least two people. The code uses best practices: test driven development, Design Patterns, design and code reviews, and automated functional testing.

I enjoy coaching people to be more professional and more successful in their careers. This include coaching in terms of how they express themselves, relate to others, their knowledge and use of their tools, technology, and software languages and software development best practices.

comment What can I do to keep my cool at the table?
Just a suggestion for #1. That's a great suggestion, but I would add that you should focus on letting that break out very slowly, and take the breath in very slowly. Focus on that for a few minutes.
comment How do I get my PCs to not be a bunch of murderous cretins?
What about Killing can escalate violence as the friends, family, and other damaged folk can gather up a posse and kill the party or the party's associates.
comment What real world skills can RPGs improve?
Sometimes you can also learn how to keep a meeting going - perhaps the Agile Scrum method (timeboxes) may be a good thing to use when your players babble? (I'm a babbler myself)
comment Dealing with leaving players
Well, good luck. It is just like being there and for me, it was a lot easier to connect as we could start and finish later in the evening (no need to worry about driving).
comment Was the Kastor Lieberung-plot resolved in Enemy Within?
what a fun adventure
comment Software for On-the-fly-mapping
It seems that the dungeoncrafter3 (win only?) isn't supported much? I click on all but download and I get an error on the webpage. Looking at the other sites, I would guess that not much time is put into the products - probably not a whole lot of money to be made that would allow for more polish.
comment “Punishing” characters for stupid actions
The results can actually add more spice to the game. The murder of an important NPC may be witnessed. Rewards be put out. Reputation spread. The friends of this player character could also gain the same reputation through association.
comment How to get out of a story deadlock
The improvisation aspect of the game can be the most fun. I can struggle with improvising on the spot when my story has just been blown out of the water - for those times I ask for a break and the players have always been happy to grant the 15 minutes I ask for.