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comment How much does a legal license cost?
@Wibbs: The question did not specify financial cost: if OP is assuming there are no other costs this is a useful reminder.
comment How should I respond to a player who roleplays too selfishly?
Interpersonal relationships among human beings can be complicated. (Sad but true).
comment How fast can a dragon fly?
You might want to change your last comparison, since while an airship is slower than an aeroplane, a small sailing boat is always slower than a large ship, and a small fish than a large shark.
comment Best way to kill a problematic fellow player character?
+1 for answering both what was asked and what is actually required.
comment How to transform a bunch of strangers into a friendly group?
"Five guys who don't know each other..." can be a problem or it can be an important and interesting phase of the campaign, if the DM gets it right. In the latter case, having the players as well as the characters getting to know each other and their various strengths and weaknesses would be a superb addition, and one you won't get often.
comment Catching poisoned arrows
Surely trying to catch an arrow would be harder if you have to avoid catching the (poisoned) tip?
comment What can I do when I accidentally gave out an overpowered item?
You could even have the good guys offer to keep the staff safe for the party until they are strong enough to look after it themselves. Even if the characters refuse, it is a strong hint.
comment How to begin a role-playing scenario in medias res?
Not sure it's the GM that would be the sticking point: judging by the question, OP would be happy with improvisation. But if the players are not used to/ expecting it, this isn't going to fly.
comment How should a GM deal with players that want to be “too cool”?
One of the few benefits of being a DM is that you get to choose the system and the world: if the other group members don't like it, they can always design their own campaigns. Suggesting that the OP should run a game that he specifically says he dislikes merely to pander to the ego of one of the players is unkind.
comment How exactly do I use a Metamagic Rod?
Any owner can clearly use the rod: the question seems to be about activating it without using in the sense of wielding.
comment Are deckers or technomancers required in a shadowrun group?
Related (possible dupe:) Is it unrealistic not to bring a decker to shadow runs?.
comment As a GM is it unfair to secretly protect one player's character to keep the peace?
I definitely disagree with 'assume everybody is happy with it unless one of them complains'. Many players think "whatever the GM says goes: if he says too much, his players go"; so if you just assume everybody's happy whatever you do (and fudging in favour of one player is definitely abnormnal, though not necessarily wrong), eventually your campaign will collapse and you won't know why.
comment What materials should a new player bring to a gaming group
+1 for snacks/drinks. A new player will almost inevitably have to borrow dice, paper or something, depending on the group; best to provide something universally acceptable "in return".
comment How to get a new player to understand the time investment of a table top RPG
@thedarkwanderer: As I said, your campaign is up to you. But it's important to point out that you don't get good players this way, you get committed players. All a good player needs is a pencil, a few dice and some imagination.
comment Is it appropriate to tell players the expected outcome of a throw?
In OPs situation, this would be even worse than the actual outcome. If you specifically tell the player something incorrect, no matter what the reason, you damage the trust you as GM need more than anything else. (Of course, once the players know you won't abuse their trust, this is a good solution).
comment How do I prevent retreating to rest and heal from being tedious?
I like this idea, but it does run counter to the traditional "enemies get tougher as you progress"; some players may need reassuring that tiredness (running out of spells, powers,etc) has been factored in.
comment What kind of check would it be to identify meat?
Is the smell of burned human flesh really that rare in any campaign that includes fireballs?
comment How to reward players that come prepared for non-combat, non-RP situations? I.e., real life
@doppelgreener: No, "do follow" is correct there, meaning that instead of rewarding those players who play normally, you should punish those who try to take advantage. And I imagine the rules referred to include the rule that requires characters to wear clothes even though no mechanical benefit is specified; basically Rule 0.
comment Can a warforged just walk through quicksand?
I see why even a warforged would be trapped until rescued, but as OP implicitly points out, if you don't breathe you can't drown. 'Stuck till someone throws you a rope' isn't what I call a serious threat.
comment Purchasing a Bar
@xenoterracide: A bar that you just treat as a source of income and nothing else very soon ceases to be profitable (ask any bar owner). I would say "It's barely breaking even at the moment and will stay that way till you put some Resources or other effort in"; but YMMV. Regardless, letting the players decide "We got a valuable bonus and don't have to pay for it" is just bad DMing: they should find out in play just what the real cost was.