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IT Nerd: c#/asp.net team lead/developer/Scrum Master (to all the scrum purists: I know, I know.)

Working with mixed onshore/offshore teams.

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Love me some boardgames too.

comment Film Noir D&D Setting
Right, I mean for starters you'd have to ditch most of the Classes and Races as they are irrelevant outside of a fantasy magic setting.
comment What is the SURGE event in Shadowrun?
There was something in the original Companion, that included those additional metatype variants (although I don't recall them being linked to the SURGE event (predated it?).
comment Why do magical traditions specify a spirit type for each spell category?
checks rulebook, yep. all magical services from spirits must relate to spells of the appropriate type.
comment How do I create a sense of mystery about magic?
@Random832 Agreed, D&D does by default imply a relatively common level of magic items etc. Although IIRC the DMG does have some tips for running a 'Rare magic' setting.