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comment There's a sixth world, and a fourth world. Where are the others?
Note that "the fifth age is the current time" means "right now, as in, you're sitting and reading this during the last decades of the magic-free fifth age."
answered How to design a GMPC that is not supposed to push the story ahead?
comment What happens if a large vehicle collides with an arcane gate?
I read "the non-portal side" as meaning - well, you know how a two-dimensional object has two sides? One of them's the portal side, and the other one isn't, as indicated by "A ring is visible only from one side (your choice), which is the side that functions as a portal." This means that "passing through a portal from the nonportal side" would mean "going through the invisible backside," not "going from the out portal to the in portal." In fact, I don't see any evidence that the portals only allow travel one way at all. -1.
comment How do I design well-balanced homebrew items?
The problem with balance problems is that every one is a unique beast - especially when you're dealing with balance problems that arise from entirely new abilities, such as what you're describing. The only way to avoid "any balance problem from the phase space of all possible balance problems" is to check to see if the problems exist and devise unique solutions specific to the problems you encounter - which is to say, the only useful advice we can give is "playtest everything." I'm voting to close this as Too Broad.
revised Is Polymorphing Water into Rock Permanent?
In the spirit of the question, changed water into a tree (and in so doing, made the example actually make sense).
reviewed Leave Closed Input on Mechanic Redesign That Gives Certain Ranged Weapons the “Light” Property?
comment Is it appropriate to punish a player who snatches thing from under the other players?
reviewed Looks OK What happens on a disapproval roll of 0 or less?
comment Where are all of the wizard colleges in Golarion?
Is wizardry taught only in colleges in Golarion? Or is the master-apprentice system also present?
comment In what ways can a spellcaster's concentration be disrupted?
@LegendaryDude The question says both "In what ways can a spellcaster's concentration be disrupted?" and "So are there any ways other than just dealing damage that cause concentration to end?" How are spells and abilities not in scope of those phrasings?
comment With Friends or Group D&D
Unfortunately, this question's too broad to usefully answer. RPG clubs aren't homogeneous, and groups formed by groups of friends aren't homogeneous, so there's no general statements we can make about how the two differ.
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comment Can a Stone Child, Half Dragon, or Killoren be infected with lycanthropy?
Given the creative reasons for being immune given by these players, I suspect the group might be playing with a less by-the-book style than most 3.5rd edition campaigns. Or maybe you usually do play by-the-book, but your players are trying to pull a fast one without bothering to check if their characters actually are immune or not. Or maybe they are playing by-the-book, but they've chosen to describe their immunities in flavourful ways instead of just quoting rules text. I'm kinda curious, now.
reviewed Leave Open Can a Stone Child, Half Dragon, or Killoren be infected with lycanthropy?
comment Alignment change spell/item in 5e
comment How much is 500 pounds of gems worth?
@Scott That sounds like part of an answer.
comment Is creating a Dimensional Plane possible in 5e without DM fiat?
@nitsua60 Handy Haversacks are actually pretty small. From memory, the main compartment is only eight cubic feet - that's a smallish stationary cupboard; You'd be better off just living in the wagon.
comment Is creating a Dimensional Plane possible in 5e without DM fiat?
@nitsua60 You're right about portable holes needing to be unfolded, but many GMs can be readily persuaded to allow players to craft a smaller portable hole.
comment How do I navigate lighting a Web spell with an oil flask?
Oh. I came to this question hoping it was about using flaming webs as impromptu lighthouses on foggy nights.