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I'm a husband to my beautiful wife, father to our children, Computer Science graduate from University of Central Arkansas. I love my wife, our children, computers, playing guitar (especially singing/playing for my wife and/or kids), bicycling (including taking my kids for rides in my bike trailer), woodworking, airbrushing, digital and traditional artistry, playing games with my family (traditional and digital), my poor Chevette that I had to sell, throwing knives, firearms, knot tying, rope making, whip making, and really just learning new stuff in general. If I don't know about it I probably want to learn about it, if only so I can make informed decisions about it.

My three favorite programming languages are Python, Lisp, and Assembly (though I'm not sure about the order of those last two languages...).

I think the CANSPAM act is one of the dumbest pieces of legislation in the history of the universe

Code I can write/read (where 1 is just barely, 3 is the average user, and 10 is the language designer/guru level):

  • Python - 6/10
  • C++ - 4/10
  • Perl - 3/10
  • Assembly - 3/10
  • HTML/JavaScript - 5/10
  • VB.NET - 5/10
  • C# - 5/10
  • Befunge - 2/10

comment How do you handle injury in Roll For Shoes?
I totally read the title to this question of "how do you roll for injury in shoes?" I was expecting to see some question about doing battle with shoes, or getting hit in the shoe or something.
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answered Dungeons that aren't dungeons
comment I am looking for a game to ease my friends into role playing
One recommendation along these lines that I heard was, say a rat attacks and rolls a critical hit, killing off the character, give them a second chance (e.g. "You die, but a bottle breaks and a fairy restores three hearts!")
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