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comment What are the consequences of the retargeting aspect of the Battlemind's Lightning Rush power on enemy area or close blasts or bursts?
Just seen this post, and I'm not saying its wrong, but I play a Battlemind in LFR up to level 13 so far. The way it's always been ruled with me is that after the Lightning Rush attack has been resolved the triggering burst/blast is then re-placed by the caster so the Battlemind is in it. The caster also copped an opportunity attack from me if it was ranged/area attack. You can imagine I did take advantage of this from time to time :P
comment How does Monk's unarmed strike interact with powers requiring two weapons?
What about in the case of a character I'm working on at the moment; a tempest fighter with "Master of the Fist" multiclass feat. Can he have a hammer in one hand, monk unarmed strike in the other and be classed as wielding two weapons?
comment What are the options for giving a Battlemind the ability to mark at range?
Just to let you know, I found a solution to my issue of charisma if I took Speed of Thought. There's a elven racial feat called Feral Advance that lets you use dexterity for Speed of Thought. Now I can go just wisdom and dexterity as secondaries (I was trying keep wisdom with both dexterity and charisma previously) which means better NADs.
comment What are the options for giving a Battlemind the ability to mark at range?
Thanks for the thorough response. I seemed to miss that upgrade to Battlemind's Demand somehow, that wouldn't be a bad option once I hit paragon.