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I am a Data Scientist at Stack Overflow. My interests include statistics, data analysis, education, and programming in R and Python. I have a blog about statistics and programming.


  • broom: an R package for converting messy model outputs to a tidy format, for use with tools such as dplyr and tidyr.
  • subSeq: Subsample reads from an RNA-Seq experiment to determine if it has sufficient depth.
  • stackr: R package for connecting to the Stack Exchange API.
  • snippr: R package for managing, sharing, and installing RStudio code snippets.
  • ParsePy: a Python API client for the Parse mobile backend.
  • gleam: Python package for building interactive online visualizations without web programming.
  • OASIS: Python package for annotating insertion sequences in prokaryotic genomes.
  • BarNone: Python package to match barcodes in sequencing data to a catalog based on Levenshtein distance.

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