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comment Hiding Gear From Sensors
Would fabric that helps to hide gear from sensors not increase suspicion? Maybe I can't see whats hidden but the fact that my sight is blocked should raise the alarm. Might not be the case for chem sniffers / and or metal detectors and the like but typical bodyscanners and similar should not be fooled.
comment Can AR decking be better than cold-sim VR?
@mcv The adept power can't be combined with any other initiative enhancers (magic or tech). So not with Wired Reflexes nor with Boost Attribute: Reaction and the like. And of course: no augmentation - magical or non-magical - can be higher than +4.
comment Shadowrun history across the editions
There a lot's of minor and a couple of major (arcology shutdown, matrix 2.0, matrix 3.0, emrergence) plot advancements. The most complete writeup (from 1st to late 4th ed.) is probably the Sixth_World_Almanac.
comment Is there up-to-date (circa 2070) information about the AGS / ADL?
Thought it would be easier for people to edit and add information to it.