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comment Slavic AD&D Campaign Setting Resources
+1 for GURPS as reference to almost anything. While I never really liked the GURPS rules, their almost inexhaustible list of campaign supplements can be used with all games, with some work.
comment Storytelling with lie detection
This seems to be related to questions such as "How can you deal with magic unbalancing the political/economic situation". Perhaps related questions can give you some ideas on how to deal with it.
comment How can I send magicians in space?
+1, and also you can make the search for that item be a whole quest by itself. They need a pre-mission run to extract said magic-in-space item from from the vaults of Evil Space Magic Inc, as preparation. In fact, you can use it as a seed for many more adventures regarding magic and space and various attempts to reconcile the two.
comment Can Druids tame a dinosaur?
What I love about paleontology is that for a study of things dead for millions of years, it's a surprisingly dynamic and changing field. Every decade or so they discover everything we knew is wrong and redefine everything. Fun!
comment How can I attain eternal youth through alchemy?
My main point is that there isn't any adapting necessary. Any social problems present in 2e are still relevant to PF - there are magical aging effects, true, but how do they change what potions of longevity do to people who weren't magically aged? Just like in 2e, these potions either have limited usage, are prohibitively expensive, or have a chance of catastrophic failure - those are the costs.
comment How to deal with rope trick in particular circumstance
This discussion, as well as several others around, seem to consider the Rope Trick dispellable, (if spotted with Detect Magic first). The spell is cast on the rope, but the Dimensional Window is an interface existing on both planes which is the manifestation of the spell.
comment Can a cat kill a rat?
@Ryno That seems problematic, since, in effect, it means critical hits are less effective than regular hits when you have a damage penalty, at these levels of power.
comment How can somebody perform a grab and throw (person)?
Pathfinder's Bull Rush maneuver can be used for that, since it allows you to move a creature for several squares without moving with him. 3.5's Bull Rush is a poor and stunted creature, though, so it doesn't work as well.
comment Keeping house-ruled handout feats fair across classes
+1 from me. Ask yourself the question why you want to eliminate that feat. If it's to avoid bookkeeping, focus on the bookkeeping. Just giving a bonus feat in exchange for a bonus feat doesn't make sense if the first feat is just there to prevent tedium.
comment Does Ninja's Sudden Strike apply for multiple-attack rounds?
Assuming a ninja's Sudden Strike is equivalent to a rogue's Sneak Attack, I'd go for "yes": rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/22424/…
comment What RPGs that don't have randomization mechanisms exist?
@waxeagle And me too.
comment Overly strong level 1 barbarian
+1 for "balance is for suckers". Balance is a tool, not a goal.
comment How can I help the party survive a rather tough adventure?
I like the first bullet point, but like the OP commented, letting the children just die is a bit of an anticlimax, and not usually appropriate for a heroic campaign. However, there are several other options, such as the (rested) party finding the kids alive - but brainwashed by the kidnappers. Or perhaps they find the kidnappers massacred and the kids gone, taken by someone else. Both options are great springboards for the next adventure!
comment How do I become a merchant prince?
Well, since you're not looking for system mechanics information in particular, but more for the social norms of Medieval society, the 5th edition City & Guild will probably help a lot.
comment Use of combat maneuvers
Also check out this answer, dealing with how fun and useful combat maneuvers are, especially for people other than tanks. rpg.stackexchange.com/a/20214/3043
comment When calculating an effect for a general spell, do I use the base level or the total level?
I think we always played it as "+2 magnitudes" rather than "+10 levels", keeping it simple. DEO at lv10 takes down 10 Might, c'est tout. I feel this keeps to the spirit of the rule while avoiding the anomalies you point out at low levels.
comment Is there a canonical definition for when Hermetic seasons start in Ars Magica?
We actually use the more modern system, I suspect. The equinoces and solsti occur mid-season. After all, if the Summer Solstice is known as Midsummer's Day, how can it not be in mid-season?
comment Wealth in tremulus: insane or horrific?
+1 Excellent answer. I know that I also had problems moving from relatively simulationist systems, such as D&D, where your character's money is an absolute in-world fixture, to a more narrativist system where Wealth is an abstract out-of-character concept.
comment Running a “Chaotic Evil” PC in a morally ambivalent group?
Well, if Belkar is your inspiration, you certainly conveyed it in your question. :)
comment Should long Aspects be split?
Great question. I'm starting my first Fate game now, and I also find myself asking myself similar questions.