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I have recently moved to Freiburg im Breisgau and am looking for interesting people here.

I lead a RPG Group on CP 2020 in a post apocalyptic world. When possible I attend a DSA based Group via Video Chat.

I'm a Java Software Developer and Linux Server Administrator with a lot of experience in system design, teaching people and generally "getting stuff done".

My technical skills are within Development: Java (Swing and J2EE), Maven, Hibernate and Spring (incl. Security and MVC). I started programming in Java in 2001 and so I have a lot of skills in Frameworks that are now seldom used anymore but also in the current ones. Recently I started gaining skills in ActionScript 3, 3.5 and 4.

I use Netbeans as my development environment and run a Bodhi Linux as my desktop. My servers all run Debian Linux.

Many of the companies I worked at worked a lot with apprentices so I have a lot of training in educating beginners. Together with my intention to actually understand the systems I work with makes me a pretty good co-worker when it comes to sharing what I know.

If I realize an answer of mine had been wrong (or sufficiently bad-style) I usually delete it, because I'm self critic enough to not take a stand on an opinion that has been shown wrong.

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