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comment How to play a character that has an alien mindset and thought process?
@SevenSidedDie baby diaper is a snob's universal constant :)
comment How to play a character that has an alien mindset and thought process?
IIRC strong emotions will leave a mark in the Force (like that one cave where Luke thought he saw Vader), and I wouldn't be surprised if force sensitives can choose to impress emotions into objects and areas. As experienced by humans, their art is probably things like "holding this stick makes you feel a faint sense of regret, tinged with overtones of resentment and a faint waft of baby diaper".
comment Does the Master at Arms feat work for Shields?
I guess welding spikes to your shield is equivalent to painting your vehicle red?
comment What is the mythos behind Kult?
I don't know, I think it gave me a pretty good idea of what the mythos is like. Some things are better experienced than explained.
comment Why don't weapons grant some sort of defense?
Active defenses like parrying are also rolled in to the interpretation of HP; for instance, if you get attacked but only take 1 HP of damage, that could represent a parry with your weapon that left you slightly more tired than before but otherwise unharmed.
comment Uses for a 4e Portable Hole?
He probably meant that they would get all the radiations :)
comment Who actually makes the Magic Books that boost stats?
I like this a lot actually - the rules are only for crafting a stat book on purpose, but stat books can be randomly created whenever anything particularly epic happens. Sure, if you set out to you can craft a book that'll grant +5 int by blowing five wishes and four months on it, but Mordenkainen's Doctoral Thesis does that just because of the eldritch energies put in to it (mostly coffee).
comment How do you generate reasonable prices for goods and services not listed in the PHB?
@BonGart It makes perfect sense in-world, too - after all, what townsfolk wouldn't bilk as much gold as they can out of the rich adventurers who wander around showing off their Swords of +5 Bling? And on the other hand, if the scraggly group of adventurers really really needs a 21 foot pole to save the world, why begrudge them?
comment What Classic/Old-School Sci-Fi Adventures might adapt well to a Serenity Game?
There's actually a question over on scifi.se that's pretty related - turns out Firefly may very well be based on a game of Traveller that Joss Whedon ran in the mid-80s, and @aramis answered that one too :)
comment Traps specifically for Smart characters
"What sailboat? I don't see a sailboat, it's just a bunch of random shapes!"