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I'm a unix hack that has been programming and playing RPG's since I was in the third grade. I have a lot of opinions on both topics.

comment Guides for running a Cyberpunk Game
Actually, what drew my eye was the custom GM screen ... that should be a condensed ruleset ...
comment Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Spreadsheet
So ... it's a tad clunky when it gets to powers, but it definitely works as advertised! Thanks again!
comment Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Spreadsheet
Color me clueless. I KNEW DC Adventures was the same game (heck, I own both), but didn't search for it. I'm going to check this out tonight, and if it's as good as it looks as first glance I'll send you the accept! Thanks!
comment A fantasy system with similar dicerolling and levels of success as World of Darkness
@Dom: the system behind all of White Wolf's games is named "Storyteller". This includes Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, etc. However, there are other systems that use "dice pools" and "successes" beyond that one. For instance, Shadowrun uses a d6 based dice pool system that gives you levels of success, from multiple successes through failures and multiple levels of glitches. However, Shadowrun is not a Storyteller system because it is not specifically the same system Vampire, etc use.
comment How can you translate Rashomon/The Rashomon Job into a one-off-game?
Fixed ... thanks!
comment Should armor have invulnerability to some objects in Vampire: the Masquerade?
I disagree. Anything good in one fight ends up being good in the long run. Players tend to heal between fights, lock themselves up when they run out of healing. The only way something that is good in the short run can be damaging in the long run is if they're underprepared for wandering monsters or the like. And ... when you kill things faster and gain treasure faster death is not the handicap it used to be :)
comment In Jade Regent, can animal companions fill job roles in caravans?
dang, dude! Who writes your session summaries? I love it. I have to say: summaries are one of the best feedback tools a GM has, so I love seeing other peoples'.
comment Does the 2nd printing of Deities and Demigods have Cthulhu?
As @BonGart says below, yes, these are technically the third.
comment What does a DnD (v3.5) DM need to learn to start a Pathfinder campaign?
you should probably look at the answers here: Differences between D&D3.5 and Pathfinder