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My RPG History

I started with AD&D2e and Palladium's TMNT in the late 90s, and have moved through 3.5 to 4e (both of which I considered to be improvements over their predecessors), with brief detours in Kobolds Ate My Baby, Big Eyes Small Mouth, the old d6 Star Wars, d20 Modern, 4e Amethyst, and Roll for Shoes. While I haven't played much of it (only some generic/Hunter nWoD), I've read up on most of White Wolf's stuff (oWoD & nWoD, Scion, Exalted) because I like parts of their systems and love their fluff (especially Exalted & oWoD). I DM from time to time but prefer to be a player. I've also had some fun with Microscope.

Current Games

My main group recently built our own system, a blend of 4e combat, the FORGE system from Iconoclast for skills, and GURPS advantages, because we want something in between 4e and 3.5 and we all agree that DnD Next looks like it's going to be terrible (you can tell Mearls just doesn't understand why anyone might want a playstyle other than his own; polling has let him know that many people don't like what he likes, but he has no clue why, or how to appeal to those people). We made our own setting using Dawn of Worlds (warning, PDF!). Lately though, we've been looking for a change in tone and have been trying out Roll for Shoes, FATE Core, and Legend.

I'd like to try 13th Age, and am looking forward to Red Aegis.

Current Distractions

Currently Reading: Hugh Howey's Wool

Currently Playing: The Secret World, Warframe, FTL, Penny Arcade: Gamers vs. Evil

Currently Programming In: C#

(updated August 11, 2013)

comment How to get the most out of an encounter by combining foes
Related: Standard monster tactics for 4E D&D combat
comment Does bonus damage from a feat apply to an ongoing damage effect?
This is about damage rolls in general, not ongoing damage in particular. If you had a feat that said, "You deal 1 extra damage whenever you deal damage," it would increase ongoing damage even though it doesn't specifically say so. The real reason they won't combine is that nearly all bonus damage adds to damage rolls, and ongoing damage is almost never rolled.
comment Will using NPCs as allies overshadow my PCs?
While this is all great advice, I think the asker was actually looking for help giving the NPCs combat stats.
comment What does “advanced simple template” mean in the context of a creature?
What terrible phrasing...
comment Would Deft Blade affect Virtuous Strike?
Exactly. Alternately, it might have said, "This power can be used in place of a basic attack," in which case it would not have benefited from Deft Blade.
comment What happens to effects when their origin dies?
I didn't down vote you, but I'm not up voting either. While I think you're correct, there should be a definitive answer to this in the rules. There should be either a rule explicitly describing what happens to effects when their originator dies, or a counter example where an effect explicitly does or does not end when the originator dies (implying that normally the opposite would happen). 4e is heavily based on "what the rules say" rather than common sense; it jettisons simulationism to preserve balance (and reduce corner cases and GM fiat).
comment Does Avatar of Vice grant free uses of Dread Smite if I don't know it?
The important part here is: "If you start your turn available of your dread smite power..." You don't have a dread smite power, so that section doesn't apply to you.
comment Are there any skill rank house rules?
This question is ok, but it needs a title that better describes what you're looking for. My first thought on seeing the title was, "That's gonna get closed for being too broad." It also is unlikely to help other people with the same problem find this question.
comment Turning a Campaign Evil Leads To “Problems”
Worth checking: does the player object to being evil, or do they just feel their character wouldn't become evil? If it's the latter, their character can become an NPC foe of the party and the player can just roll a new (more villainous) character.
comment Armour rating inside an iron safe
One wonders what the rest of the party is doing while all these NPCs stand around and bang on the safe...
comment How can I build a Sorcerer who focuses on debuffing and debilitating effects?
I strongly endorse fluff/crunch separation. I'm of the opinion that crunch shouldn't even have names that imply fluff, much less flavor text.
comment How can I let undead stirges keep blood drain?
I personally would recommend the Handwaving DM Fiat template.
comment Can any creature be tamed?
Not to mention that only describes training a tamed beast, not taming a wild one.
comment Enlarged Dragon Breath & Hurl Breath
Both feats explicitly add a size option. If you have both feats, you can choose from close blast 3, close blast 5, or area burst 2 every time you use dragon breath, but you can't combine the two feats. Enlarged Dragon Breath doesn't say, "increase the size of your breath's area by 2", it says "you can make it a blast 5 instead of a blast 3". Likewise, Hurl Breath doesn't say, "you can use dragon breath as an area burst 1 size smaller than its normal size", it says you can use it as an area burst 2. Neither effect modifies the existing size, they offer additional sizes instead.
comment Do half-elves have the Elven Accuracy power?
There's an epic destiny or two that let you count as more races and acquire their racial powers. I believe one for devas and one for primal characters.
comment When adapting a setting to 13th Age, how to decide what is an Icon?
The Seguleh don't generally get involved in other people's business unless they want to see how strong someone is, and you can't really have a negative/conflicted relationship with them. The High Alchemist might be an icon if your game centers around Darujhistan. Karsa certainly has the potential to become an icon after the series ends, but that would require you to decide what exactly he's accomplished, which would be speculative at best.
comment When adapting a setting to 13th Age, how to decide what is an Icon?
Jadasc has it right. Having read the books, mostly only the Crippled God and the rulers of warrens/holds will be suitable as icons, along with possibly Empress Laseen and Anomander Rake. Even badasses like Icarium and Karsa Orlong wouldn't count, because they aren't sufficiently well-known (yet) for a relationship with them to matter to other people.
comment Athas: A terrifying vision of the future?
A link to where he said it would also improve the answer.
comment Teleporting Grabbed Allies
Yes, it still applies then. Moving a grabbed target is itself an action. You can use an action to activate a teleportation power, or you can use an action to move a grabbed target, but you can't do both at the same time. If you have teleportation as a movement mode, then you just move a grabbed a target, and teleportation just happens to be how you move.
comment Are Savage Worlds & Apocalypse World the same thing?
OK, so the moral of this story is that my brain is unreliable and absolutely not to be trusted.