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My RPG History

I started with AD&D2e and Palladium's TMNT in the late 90s, and have moved through 3.5 to 4e (both of which I considered to be improvements over their predecessors), with brief detours in Kobolds Ate My Baby, Big Eyes Small Mouth, the old d6 Star Wars, d20 Modern, 4e Amethyst, and Roll for Shoes. While I haven't played much of it (only some generic/Hunter nWoD), I've read up on most of White Wolf's stuff (oWoD & nWoD, Scion, Exalted) because I like parts of their systems and love their fluff (especially Exalted & oWoD). I DM from time to time but prefer to be a player. I've also had some fun with Microscope.

Current Games

My main group recently built our own system, a blend of 4e combat, the FORGE system from Iconoclast for skills, and GURPS advantages, because we want something in between 4e and 3.5 and we all agree that DnD Next looks like it's going to be terrible (you can tell Mearls just doesn't understand why anyone might want a playstyle other than his own; polling has let him know that many people don't like what he likes, but he has no clue why, or how to appeal to those people). We made our own setting using Dawn of Worlds (warning, PDF!). Lately though, we've been looking for a change in tone and have been trying out Roll for Shoes, FATE Core, and Legend.

I'd like to try 13th Age, and am looking forward to Red Aegis.

Current Distractions

Currently Reading: Hugh Howey's Wool

Currently Playing: The Secret World, Warframe, FTL, Penny Arcade: Gamers vs. Evil

Currently Programming In: C#

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