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comment Easy-to-learn system that supports one-on-one play
While Scarlet Heroes does contain setting information, it's specifically designed to work with old (and OSR) D&D modules and their settings. Stripping out any Orientalist elements and putting it in a different setting would be trivial.
comment How can I plan, prepare, and enforce an episodic structure?
Here's another example of such a table: thealexandrian.net/wordpress/2149/roleplaying-games/…
comment How can I plan, prepare, and enforce an episodic structure?
@Flamma: Megadungeons don't conflict with self-contained sessions if you approach them from a standpoint of "we're going in to accomplish X and then get out" instead of trying to clear or "solve" them.
comment Easy-to-learn system that supports one-on-one play
You beat me to it... I saw the question and immediately thought "Scarlet Heroes!"
comment How can I give strong weapons to enemies without the players looting them?
...and if they are fighting Orks or 'Nids, they can't really loot the weapons anyhow.
comment Calculating dice pool probability with limited rerolls
You may want to add something about the conditions you tested before concluding that it's "almost always identical". My first test run was 10 dice, no rerolls (avg. 6.0057 successes) vs. 5 dice, 5 rerolls (avg. 4.2061 successes), using d10s and a target of 5 both times. 6.0 successes vs. 4.2 is fairly significant...
comment Savage Worlds Powers with Pathfinder/3.5 Trappings?
Regarding your notes on Magic Missile: Savage Spellbook has some "indirect" Bolt variants which hit automatically, but only do half damage if they would have otherwise missed (assuming they're cast successfully, of course).
comment How does suffocation work with enchanted air and a magi's parma magica?
Your belief is incorrect. A decade ago, when ArM5 was released and the Pink Dot Loophole "discovered", the game's designers acknowledged it on the ArM mailing list as the correct interpretation of the Magic Resistance rules, but believed it to be less-broken than any of the alternatives.
comment How to make a countdown?
Yes, mechanically, it works perfectly. The problem is that it's perfectly mechanical. "I run", roll. "I run", roll... gets boring fast. It doesn't require the players to make interesting choices and whether they live or die becomes a purely random result. (Succeed on enough rolls, you live. Fail too many rolls, you die.) As other answers have said, you can assume the running is happening, so focus instead on whatever else they may choose (or be forced) to do along the way.
comment Smaller bolter patterns?
@GMJoe - Bolters are .75 caliber, which is roughly a 19mm diameter round. On the other hand, though, bolters are essentially gyrojet weapons, so they could conceivably have a very low muzzle velocity, then accelerate after leaving the barrel.
comment How can I get people to play a “diceless system”?
Another +1, although it should also be pointed out that there's no GM in Microscope, which makes it qualitatively different from most diceless RPGs.
comment How do I implement a money-based economy?
Only War uses Requisition rolls - when you need new equipment, you send a request to the Departmento Munitorum, then hope they send you back what you asked for instead of a crate of Ogryn-sized dress uniforms and that it arrives before you get redeployed to the far side of the sector.
comment Multiple non-roll actions per turn in Savage Worlds
One clarification/correction: When you talk about the -2 penalties in the first paragraph, you attribute it to the roll being "the second of two actions". Multi-Action Penalties are not order-dependent. It doesn't matter whether you run, then shoot or shoot, then run, the Shooting roll is at -2 either way. The MAP applies to all Trait rolls in the round, regardless of the order that the actions are taken.
comment Ogryns & two-handed weapon wielding
Only War has the advantage of being an official product published by FFG and, personally, I think it looks better than the fan version you linked to, but, if you're happy with the fan version, then I don't think ogryn rules alone are sufficient reason to buy Only War (especially at FFG's prices).
comment Soaking after using Riled Up
Yep. In general, Soak means "the Wound never happened", not "you suddenly and miraculously healed the Wound".
comment How can I have non-Euclidean dungeons in non-magic settings?
How are you defining "magic" for purposes of this question? Is hand-wavey, particle-of-the-week superscience acceptable, or does it fall under "magic" via Clarke's Law?
comment How to improvise
"there's a difference between improvising on stage and improvising behind a screen." Hear, hear! Even though they both tend to get called "improv", theatrical improv and improvisational GMing are not the same thing and advice that applies to one does not necessarily apply to the other.
comment Is glass transparent to Astral Perception?
Actually, yes, windows being transparent to assensing does feel right to me in the context of Shadowrun. Windows don't block targeting for spells and (as I understand it) magic and that-which-is-assensed are the same kind of "stuff", so if one passes through windows, I would expect the other to do the same. (Disclaimer: I've never read SR4, so it may have been retconned, but earlier editions made a point of clarifying that magic can trace line of sight through windows, off mirrors, etc., but not via video cameras.)
comment Is glass transparent to Astral Perception?
If that is the case, then there is no purpose for the second sentence. You wouldn't say "Most physical objects are opaque. Walls are opaque." because walls fall under the first sentence's statement. You would say "Most physical objects are opaque. Windows are transparent." because the second sentence establishes an exception to the first.
comment What to do when a player character does something suicidal?
As described here (which may or may not be the same as described in the actual game), it sounds like you may not have explained the situation clearly even aside from the environment. I was picturing a handful of riders - probably spies or thieves - making their escape from the city... and then you said they sent "a detachment of five" to deal with the archer, implying a much larger and better-organized (perhaps even recognizable military) force. I'd probably shoot at a handful of bandits, too, but a company of soldiers is another matter entirely.