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comment What tools are useful to organize a GM's campaign notes?
@RMorrisey: Apache now owns Google Wave and have a version out that you can run on an Apache Web Server. Also, SuSE's parent company (I forget their name, but they were a big networking company out of Utah back in the 90's) has a version but it costs money last time I checked.
comment Savage Worlds wild dice and attacking with two weapons
You can lower the penalty by taking the Edge for two-weapon fighting.
comment How playable is Pathfinder at higher levels?
I would agree with this statement. My group has played up to level 20 in one campaign and level 16 in the other. While we play using a VTT which makes the math more manageable and spell tracking easy, it doesn't make the rules any easier. I personally don't want to play any game that goes beyond 12th level due to the slogging encounters from looking up rules and how they affect certain situations.
comment Where can I find a Pathfinder character sheet that works in Libreoffice?
Actually Oracle no longer owns it as it was given to Apache and is part of the Apache Foundations stable of software. It was recently updated with the Apache logo on it. While LibreOffice and OpenOffice derive from the old StarOffice code, they are different now and some files may not work across software.