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comment Which of the Martial Archetypes or multiclassing as a Druid will increase my versatility the most?
+1 for druid levels. Even on top of the spells, wildshape = a bunch of free HP in every combat, and assorted situationally useful skills and abilities out of.
comment Can you Wish for a Deck of Many Things?
Especially true in this case, I'd say. The things should really be named 'Deck of Random Campaign Derailment and Character Unplayability Opportunities'.
comment How to build an evil campaign
This is such a good idea I now want to run something just to use it. +1
comment Traits that improve Abjuration school spells
@gatherer818 I agree that it's some quality fluff for a buffing bard, but mechanically a +2 increase in the DC to identify your spells just isn't that much - I would expect most enemies that have Spellcraft at all to have enough that it doesn't make a difference. And we do have the 'optimization' tag in play here. Magical Flair is fun, but optimal... probably not.
comment A “perverted” guide to morality?
@mxyzplk Admittedly, this work is limited by having an exclusive focus on the context of rulership. It is, nonetheless, an example of the sort of thing sought, and could be helpful.
comment Mook Stress Boxes in Fate Core
Note that a character can take multiple consequences from a given hit, assuming they have them available to take. So if you have only two stress boxes and take a hit for 7, you could take a moderate consequence, a mild consequence, and mark off your 1-stress box.
comment Best answer for people concerned about RPG activities being occult or dangerous?
A LARP I'm involved with bills itself as "interactive theater". It's impressive how much more respectable many people see it after they hear that.
comment How do I explain stress to a d20 crowd?
One of the best pieces of simulation explanation I've found is that "Stress doesn't measure your capacity to be hurt, it's your capacity to avoid being hurt." Actually being hurt is what consequences are for.
comment Impact of allowing characters to change their main casting stat
In general, any house rule that lets players have more choices is going to be seized upon by min-maxers. As such things go, this doesn't feel too bad. A character who was going to be broken with this change probably would have been anyway.