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D&D 3.x and 4e DM (and seldom player). Avid play by chat roleplayer.

Has been playing (°) or GMing (') one-shots of:
Lady Blackbird°', Lacuna°, Retrospect°, Annalise°, Great Ork Gods°, Wraith°, nWoD°°°°, Werewolves°, GURPS°, Don't Rest Your Head°, Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy°, Solar System°°, Anima Prime°', Dogs in the Vineyard°', kp4s°, the Burning Wheel°°, Trollbabe°'''', Agon°, Montsegur 1244°°, Drifter's Escape°, Bliss Stage', Dungeon World°°, Chronicles of Skin°, Legend'', Fiasco°°°, A Penny for My Thoughts°, Monsterhearts°, Psi*Run°, FAE°°, Primetime Adventures°, Kagematsu°, Cthulhu Dark°, Mad Cthulhu°, Golden Sky Stories°, Invisible Empire°, Swords Without Master°, Magical Burst°, Shiva, la mente berserk (based on Shiva in Steel)°.
Has been also playing a short nWoD adventure.

Coordinates a RPG convention event twice a year (when possible) in Italy.

D&D Hall of Fame (in which Zachiel talks about how campaigns usually die early):

Singhi's 3e campaign - started at 1000 xp, vanished into nothingness at 2995 xp.
Paolo's 3e short adventure - too much DMPCing.
Luca's 3e campaign - started as a CoDM-PC, made a PC shortly after. Still no level ups.
My 3e campaign - aborted three rooms from the end.
Marco's 3.5 7-PCs-campaign - aborted for scheduling problems. Still no level ups.
Marco's intro to RttToEE - gave DMing right to me after 2 sessions. Arbitrary leveling up between those.
My 3.5 Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil - TPK'ed at level 8/9.
Marco's 3.5 all manuals campaign - aborted for excessive PC firepower. Guess what.
Marco's 3.5 premade characters campaign - aborted after less than 10 minutes of play.
Pierluigi's 4e Keep on the Shadowfell - gave DMing rights to me before I could level.
My 3.5 Expedition to the Demonweb Pits - Completed!
My 3.0 City of the Spider Queen - Completed!
My 4e Keep on the Shadowfell - Completed!
Cau's 3.5 Daemonfey Apocalypse campaign. First true level up ever! Aborted right after that.
My 3.5 Expedition to Undermountain - aborted when we got a 4e group again.
My 4e Thunderspire Labyrinth - Completed!
My 4e Pyramid of Shadows - Ongoing

revised Does flanking always grant advantage, or is it up to discussion?
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comment Low-Light, Darkvision and nightfall
There's a ranger version of the darkvision spell (superior? improved?) that gives Darvision up to sight range. This is also better than Low-light vision
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answered Need help, clarification on rules for escaping/destroying magic bola
comment Specific Items In A Group Social Contract?
To be noted that line and veils, when they were first introduced, were meant to come up during play (and nobody would expect you to have a comprehensive list of things you don't wanna, only to later play "this wasn't in the list so it must be ok")
comment Is there a class in D&D 3.5e similar to the 4e warden?
Sadly, he wants to avoid any dips or multiclassing.
comment Building a striker
@Kiraya due to the almost non-existant ties between fluff and mechanics, refluffing is a great tool for playing the concept you want in 4e, provided your DM agrees. Anyway, non-arcane feylock (fey pact warlock) has teleport and invisibility right from level one.
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answered Building a striker
answered Is there a class in D&D 3.5e similar to the 4e warden?
comment Countermeasures against a Diplomancer
I guess one can be so confident about his diplomatic skills to go in, -sure- he isn't going to be scathed. A bit of an ego addict, but isn't it true that extreme confidence is a large part of what we call charisma?
comment How does Blood Crow Strike really work?
@Sam if you click the share button below his post you will get a link you can repost. This way, you also give us some visibility and this increases the number of people who can ask and reply here, which is, I think, good for everyone here and there.
answered Is my DM a killjoy, or am I just a whining player?
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I had to go away, I finished writing and I also integrated a comment.
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answered How can I help my players be interested in others' characters?
revised Is this Dex/Int build Viable for a PVP arena playing primarily vs Glass-Cannon Casters
Beware homophones. To sense = to perceive. Since = seeing that.
answered What is the origin of the concept of punishing players in-game as a GM?
reviewed Reviewed Would this custom prestige class be balanced? (arcane battlesmith that cannot cast)