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D&D 3.x and 4e DM (and seldom player). Avid play by chat roleplayer.

Has been playing (°) or GMing (') one-shots of:
Lady Blackbird°', Lacuna°, Retrospect°, Annalise°, Great Ork Gods°, Wraith°, nWoD°°°, Werewolves°, GURPS°, Don't Rest Your Head°, Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy°, Solar System°°, Anima Prime°', Dogs in the Vineyard°', kp4s°, the Burning Wheel°°, Trollbabe°'''', Agon°, Montsegur 1244°°, Drifter's Escape°, Bliss Stage', Dungeon World°°, Chronicles of Skin°, Legend'', Fiasco°°°, A Penny for My Thoughts°, Monsterhearts°, Psi*Run°, FAE°°, Primetime Adventures°, Kagematsu°.
Has been also playing a short nWoD adventure.

Coordinates a RPG convention event twice a year (when possible) in Italy.

D&D Hall of Fame:

Singhi's 3e campaign - started at 1000 xp, vanished into nothingness at 2995 xp.
Paolo's 3e short adventure - too much DMPCing.
Luca's 3e campaign - started as a CoDM-PC, made a PC shortly after. Still no level ups.
My 3e campaign - aborted three rooms from the end.
Marco's 3.5 7-PCs-campaign - aborted for scheduling problems. Still no level ups.
Marco's intro to RttToEE - gave DMing right to me after 2 sessions. Arbitrary leveling up between those.
My 3.5 Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. TPK'ed at level 8/9.
Marco's 3.5 all manuals campaign - aborted for excessive PC firepower. Guess what.
Marco's 3.5 premade characters campaign - aborted after less than 10 minutes of play.
Pierluigi's 4e Keep on the Shadowfell - gave DMing rights to me before I could level.
My 3.5 Expedition to the Demonweb Pits. - Completed!
My 3.0 City of the Spider Queen. - Completed!
My 4e Keep on the Shadowfell. - Completed!
Cau's 3.5 Daemonfey Apocalypse campaign. First true level up ever!
My 3.5 Expedition to Undermountain - aborted when we got a 4e group again.
My 4e Thunderspire Labyrinth. - Ongoing.

comment Does an unconscious character accumulate damage?
@Betsy that looks like a good separate question.
comment What are the best enhancements for a rapier?
Isn't 2.25 tons of gold going into epic and thus costing 10x more?
comment What to do when my players want vanilla?
You spelled it right.
comment What to do when my players want vanilla?
Hard to say without knowing yours and your friends' motives. Of course you have the usual "find other players" and "adapt" but those are not the answers you're looking for, is it?
comment Do Gauntlets have spell failure?
@doppelgreener how?
comment Which multiclass to choose for melee-damage-dealing mage when starting from Wizard 5 / Fighter 1
Ah, you have abjuration as one of your forbidden schools. That's unfortunate. If you want to wield a weapon while polymorphed, you want to reach at least 16 BAB by level 20 (supposing your campaign lasts that long) which means you either go for the feat that lets you cast spells from a domain, choose war domain and get Incantatrix 3 to persist Divine Power (you need 14 wisdom, but items can help you) or lose caster levels or lose attacks per round. Anyway, you're aiming at wizard (or equivalent) 17
comment A question about Celerity spells
If 1 worked, 2 would be "wait, I want to use a standard action to ready a counterspell"
comment Should I tell the players the exact stats of monsters they fight?
This is maybe a good practice, but you should call it with its name: houseruling.
comment How can I get fellow Paranoia players to betray each other?
that's a job for the Role-playing Games Chat, I'd say.
comment Increasing Enhancement Bonus on Specific Magic Weapons
@HeyICanChan I won't say so. The rules don't say if it is possible, but they don't say it's impossible either, while providing a formula to calculate an item's price and a way to upgrade weapons.
comment Does 3.5e have an equivalent of the Psychic Paper from Doctor Who?
Good answer but I suggest you to link from www.d20srd.org instead. D&Dwiki is infamous for mixing homebrew and official material and for being often wrong as a consequence.
comment Increasing Enhancement Bonus on Specific Magic Weapons
@MatteoTassinari Ehilà! As you can see in my answer, it's probably a combined fact of determining if the extra cost of the magic property has a +X-equivalent cost or a fixed cost and determining if unique weapons can be modified at all.
comment Inevitable Strike: do I have to declare which die is which?
@Admiralshlork Despite what other forums might say, you don't make an additional attack roll that adds some bonus dice if you hit with it. You make the attack roll twice. Since only one attack roll is needed to activate the hit line of the original power, if either goes in the hit line applies. If both hit, extra damage is dealt.
comment Which class would be considered the strongest given high ability scores?
What do you mean with "playstyle"? Character tactics? Because the thing I'm used to call playstyle focuses more on if having a strong character is important or not to the game.
comment What is this aura and cost for this melee rogue magic weapon?
Kudos to you for the credits.
comment How do I quickly find the official errata for any book?
@NiteCyper related: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/1138/… , rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/25385/… and rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/37466/… (just because the answers introduce you to primary sources, which is how you determine which manual to use)
comment Do Transfer Magic and Enchant Magic Item work together?
Just a side note on "the two items are now identical": no, this isn't true. The transfer ritual moves enchantments around rather than making copies of it.
comment Is Drunken Master really as bad as everyone says?
@Red_Shadow that's why a friend's Drunken Master had an ox for carrying his booze.
comment Why would I ever choose rolling hit points?
@Alex319 Group beat a golem and leveled up. Frenzied Berserker attacked the cleric. 2/3 hits in, the cleric was at -10 without leveling up, at 0 (still standing) leveling up. Rolling 1 less on HD would have saved him from being attacked again since he would have dropped down.
comment Is the product of the Heavens Mystery revelation “Coat of Many Stars” a valid target for Magic Vestment?
@G0BLiN Quoting from your link: "[...] enhancement bonuses to armor or natural armor effectively increase the armor or natural armor's bonus to AC"