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I was a gamer. It was just waste of time.

I am a physics engineer. Worth losing some brain cells but havent used for anything yet.

I want to be a wide-spectrum programmer. To be actually useful.

  • Physics is bread
  • Maths is water
  • Salads:
    • Algorithm complexity(mid)
    • Computational relational algebra(beginner)
    • Fuzzy logic(beginner)
  • Drinks:
    • Java(mid)
  • here is the main menu:
    • LabView(good)
    • QBasic(very good)
    • C(mid) and C++(mid) and C#(mid)
    • Fortran(good)
    • Assembly(beginner)
    • DarkBasic(beginner)
    • phsical modeling(good)
    • Parallel computing Opencl(good)
    • Neural network(beginner)
    • Html(beginner) and CSS(beginning)

Get shiny vegetables and fruits from a trusted source: enter image description here

Wash them until all dirt vanishes: enter image description here

Bring the meat from freezer: enter image description here

Put some spice and salt, start mixing under light fire: enter image description here

Dont forget black pepper: enter image description here

Put enough cream to make it softer: enter image description here

Wait until the chemical/physical process results in a delicious meal:

enter image description here

 if( Things not what they used to be )
     { Missing one inside of me }
 else if( Deathly loss, this can't be real )
     { I cannot stand this hell I feel }

 Emptiness is filling me ==  To the point of agony ? 
 Growing darkness, taking dawn : I was me, but now he's gone