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Frank Pierce

Over a period of many years, I have developed a highly detailed system built on top of 2nd edition rules. Among my friends, we simply refer to this as "The System," and it establishes rules for dealing with every aspect of life for PC's.

An advantage of this system is that it eliminates the chronic problem of "player impatience," whereby players want to fast-forward through the "boring" parts of an adventure, as if they are watching a testosterone-laden action film. This increases the satisfaction of completing an adventure, as the inclusion of the mundane allows the entire experience to be internalized as if it had happened "for real."

Due to the scope of my system, I have been reluctant to try to adapt it to be compatible with later editions, but I feel that it may finally be time for me to take the plunge. Because of the sheer number of changes up to and including D&D Next, I'm thinking that I should probably just re-implement The System rather than try to convert everything.

Obviously, this will be a lot of work, which is why I am thrilled that this site is out of beta. I'm not looking for anyone here to do my work for me, but I'm hoping to bounce some ideas off others here and produce questions and answers that will both help me, but also be self-contained enough to provide benefit for any others that would like to attempt a similar level of simulation.