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I approach tabletop RPGs as cooperative storytelling; I love improvisational conversation scenes. Usually the game master, I tend to design elaborate world settings for my players to frolic in, but that habit is changing recently as my group's needs evolve. I like playing grumpy old folk and characters with unusual superstitions, and I'm very interested in the way environment (both at the table and in the game world) influences play.

USEFUL/INTERESTING LINKS: Worldbuilding & the Okapi's Butt; Making the Tough Decisions; goblin dice; abstractions are leaky; print-&-fold minis; papercraft dice tower; consequences as positive currency (Fate); Making Superman Truly Invulnerable (Fate Core); Rick Neal's essays (DFRPG); Level 1 Equivalent Damage (4e); improved skill challenges (4e); No Such Thing as D&D; Same Page Tool.

You will often find me in the chat; come on by!

RPG HABITS: To accommodate my group's unpredictable schedules, I'm running short-form (mostly single-session) campaigns in systems including and , , , , and Lady Blackbird. I'm in the Storium beta as BESW.

I'm experimenting with game design, including a FAE hack about holy werewolves and a unique system inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

RPG HISTORY: Despite the current trend, most of my gaming experience is with GMing relatively lengthy campaigns in and . I've also dabbled in (and its friendlier offshoot The Princes' Kingdom), , , and Stargate SG-1, among others.

CHARACTER NOTE: Never short on Opinions and overambitious Ideas. I want to play a shulassakar and a musteval, and I have an elaborate SG-1 campaign I fear I'll never get to run.

My avatar is "Nøkken," by Theodor Kittelsen.

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