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A) I love programming computers.

B) I generally do not like Stack Overflow (too many copy-pasters, weenies, and rep whores).

C) I love watching the sun set. The one in my profile was taken in San Antoni, Ibiza, from a chair at the Cafe Del Mar. That was killer.

comment It is possible to make Vampires, Night-Elves and Warforged to play along?
I just want to say how much I would love to be in your group of friends! This sounds like a really, really fun evening coming up. :)
comment Can Bag of Holding + Portable Hole Turn Enemies Inside-Out?
Just a question (excellent answer btw)... Do recent editions of D&D (3.0+) not explicitly state this is impossible? I know at least AD&D 2nd Ed. (and possibly older) explicitly state that putting a bag of holding into a portable hole (and vice-versa) has disastrous consequences for both items in addition to whatever (or whomever) they contain.
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