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comment Does Pathfinder significantly fix known problems with the Monk class?
-1 for tired Pathfinder balance rant, playtest whine, and overall soapboxing in the second half of your answer. Poor quality and bad form.
comment What is the cost for the upkeep of gear?
While I agree with the first part, the second part is way off. Low wealth may work very poorly the way that your group plays 3.5, but the system does fine with low wealth/low magic without major (or any) changes. Needing magic to solve problems is a group issue, not a system issue.
comment What role-playing games have good gamemaster advice sections?
Agreed. Spirit of the Century pretty much changed how I look at RPGs, both as a GM and as a player. And I don't even play it!
comment The 5-Foot Step and Acrobatic Strike
You're correct about Tumble not requiring a move action (even though it implies it under the Action section of the skill), however I stand by my answer that you cannot Tumble as part of a 5 foot step. I updated my answer to point out that Tumbling requires "normal movement", which the 5 foot step is not.
comment Multiple attacks with a dancing weapon?
Actually, movement is what made me question the actions the dancing sword gets. According to the SRD, it always occupies the space of the person who activated it, and moves with them: "While dancing, it takes up the same space as the activating character and can attack adjacent foes (weapons with reach can attack opponents up to 10 feet away). The dancing weapon accompanies the person who activated it everywhere, whether she moves by physical or magical means."
comment Multiple attacks with a dancing weapon?
Does the dancing weapon get a full allotment of actions? Is it capable of taking the full attack action required to utilize the extra attacks a higher BAB would give? I don't see where it says either way.
comment Can damage cantrips be improved?
@Rob - Hmm.. that's not really the kind of improving that I was asking for - the player is looking to cast slightly more powerful damage spells while still being within the realm of the cantrips ability (infinite 0 level spell casts) or another method of at-will casting. Perhaps I should reword the title or question?
comment Cleaving large enemies
Pathfinder Cleave only requires that you hit the first target, not that you down the target, so it's equally effective against groups of weak and strong enemies.
comment How to go from a humorous campaign to a more serious one?
How does this satisfy the requirement to not "ruin the goofy fun" his players are having? If I was the player of Sham-wow the Shaman, and the GM pulled this on me, that'd probably be the last session of that game I'd attend.
comment Can I multi-class between a class and an archetype of that class?
@corvec, it specifically states new class. You cannot take the same class twice, and applying an archetype to a class doesn't make it count as a different class.
comment Good RPG System/Game/style for just a single DM and single Player?
It's really not that different from a multiclass character. If the player is new to the game or RPGs in general, they'll have to learn two different classes at the same time, which, unless they end up with a combination that has some conflicts or weirdness on how things might stack (which would happen with multiclass too), is about the same as learning two separate characters. Otherwise it's literally pick the best of each class and get all the special features from each.
comment How do I play a paladin without being a stick in the mud?
Paladins are much more than a LG character with divine motivations. Your typical LG character uses his alignment as a guideline - it's what their alignment typically is. They can stray from it on occasion. The paladin is not capable of such compromise. One little evil act, and they lose everything.
comment What role-playing games should I pick for an absolute beginner group?
Where does the question mention "more support for narrative from the rules"? I think you might be reading a lot more into the desired "great storytelling potential" than I am.
comment What fantasy setting for Savage Worlds?
Wow! This is an excellent answer. Thank you! I'll have to check Hellfrost out - sounds awesome.