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I'm a UX specialist investigating analysis and design of multi-user interaction. I specialize in design of CLIs and GUIs for use by programmers, QEs, and release engineers.

My doctoral work centered around using discourse analysis techniques to understand design requirements for groupware. I am currently employed helping to design a complex versioning/building/testing system.

In my spare time, I write science fiction; my first novel Duplicate is available as an eBook, paperback, or hardcover. My second novel, We Were Gods is also available as an eBook or paperback. Yes, there's a fair amount of programming and user experience in each of them. ;)

My statements on these websites are not official statements from any employer of mine.

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comment How should GM deal with 'standing orders'?
+1. "I am always checking for traps" communicates "As a player, I dislike the trap mechanic and being surprised." So have that conversation with your player(s): why are there traps? Is the story working for them with traps in it? Do you as a GM require them?
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your tag is "w40k"; I think you want "wh40k"...but I don't have enough rep to fix it. ;)
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