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Justin Beaudry

I've been working on computers since my first Windows 3.1 computer, with 10MB of RAM. I've always "known" (Amalgamations of others thoughts) that web design and development was in my future, I ran my own Rom and Emulator site when I was 12 for several months, but I never took that helm until 2007 when I began with a crash course in writing MySQL databases for a security company I worked for. (I migrated their entire Unix based setup over to MySQL.) Those months of SQL and PHP, my 'bloody' forehead and the basic HTML/CSS skills I acquired helped me accelerate my learning of the languages. As of now I currently know/use daily HTML5, CSS3, CSS2.1 and Javascript (libraries: jQuery, mootools), PHP, MySQL, MongoDB and Redis.

There is always ever more to know and less time to discover it, thus I'm not going to stop with these basic languages. My goal is to progress into the more powerful languages ( C, C#, C++, Ruby, Perl,) and better understand the ones I know.

Computers, the Internet and the programs that control our daily lives are my passions, the future vision of humanity and what we could be--the ubermensch[superman] (See "Thus Spake Zarathustra" by Nietzsche), even more than that is what I believe the internet can be for people, a road of clear thought in a muffled and baffling world, of expression, where information is gleaming, truthful, engaging interactable and intelligent.