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comment What's a good mechanic for rewarding players for keeping their characters happy?
@Tynam: I had a character in a pathfinder game who ensured he had a decent suite with an excellent chef, and carried with him at all times so as to make an excellent meal: a loaf of bread, a pot of Seville marmalade, a small skin of wine, cutlery for two, and small spoon or stirring, 2 fresh eggs packed with care in unspun wool, a tomato (or love-apple), a small frying pan, a small saucepan, a spirit burner, a chafing dish, a tin box of salted butter of the Italian type, 2 bone china plates. Also a portion of honey comb as a sweetener, for my breath and coffee.
comment How do I run a game of Dread over the Internet?
There's an iPhone version at . Looks like it's the same company so they might work together!
comment How to deal with players who like to use the local authorities to solve their problems
There is a difference between showing respect for the law and passing the buck because you are a "civilian". The original write up seemed to me like the bard was going to the authorities because he felt it was out of their depth.