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comment How can a dragon sorcerer PC take on humanoid form from level 1 without house rules?
Heck, they don't even have to sell him! They can use him as advertising; "Killed his parent, but the head was too big to cart around. 'sides, he's kinda cute". If people don't believe small ones are intelligent, you could claim planning on training him as a (future) mount. Or that your party priest has done the impossible - redeemed one of the fiends by conversion! There's a million and one uses for such a creature...
comment How do I Raise the Dead and Look Good Doing it?
Will you have to worry about them being accidently turned by your fellow clerics? ie, other undead show up, one of the clerics performs a turning... "Hey, what happened to Bob from Accounting?"
comment How can I get Sharpie off my d6s?
You can't get it off? I've never been able to get it to stay on...
comment Can Bards attack while Performing?
Maybe he's got one of these? It's possible to "play" a number of multi-handed instruments with fewer (or no) hands, although sacrifices to quality would have to be made. In the case of a flute, period equivalent instruments would either look like a recorder (potentially playable by gripping with the lips), or have no keys (only open tone holes - hands could be switched). If I ever play a bard, I should pack a kazoo for these situations...
comment What does a 1d6/1d6 damage mean?
The reason that it's noted this way is because some weapons have different damage for each end.
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comment How do I force a party from the Astral Plane?
Define "obstacles". I don't know enough about 3.5's particular fantasy setup, but oftentimes in fantasy the material plane casts a shadow on the astral plane (or equivalent). That mountain revered by the annoying tribesmen - it's sentient (and annoyed at you for hurting it's worshippers). That big battle you'd rather avoid - it's been going on so long there are empathic ghosts there now. Those pirates who just showed up - some local (powerful) denizen has been prodding them to attack people for the lulz, to bad you left the easy fight in the other plane...
comment Can players use ranged attacks or spells while within the Magic Circle against Evil?
What happens if the ranged attack/spell is Evil? A bow that bestows arrows with the given alignment (or naturally Evil arrows), for instance?
comment Droid hacking in Star Wars?
Some of the books have droids being (forcibly) reprogrammed, including by other droids. I'd consider R2-D2 getting into the first Deathstar systems to really be a case of an unlocked terminal. Luke uses a trick in one book to freeze and wipe a prison-droid's memory (using a modified restraining bolt). For an RPG setting... Is this being used by or against the PCs?
comment How do you force a character to reliably tell the truth?
@GMJoe - and even better; people who are his allies, and thus, not enemies (to him). Whether they will by default have enmity towards the PCs is a separate matter.
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comment Impact of allowing characters to change their main casting stat
I'm assuming it's based on the perception of the various classes stemming from fictional literature - Wizards requiring much study, Clerics needing to be able to advise their flocks, and Sorcerers operating on sheer force of will (no study/training). Are you including skill checks in the swapped stat? Are you limiting the swappable stats (eg what happens if they use Con)? If this is a complete (including spell effects, like Bull's Strength) swap... there's no mechanical difference, it becomes just flavor.
comment How does the Slow spell affect flying creatures with minimum forward speeds?
Of course, the dragon only takes damage if it hits the ground. What happens if it ends up falling for a round - can it then 'stop' suddenly (distance to ground less than current speed), or is the falling otherwise 'active'?
comment How do significantly differing male and female lifespans change my setting?
Actually, it could simply be harder to raise a daughter because you'd have to find a place to stick her tree. (Large) Centuries old trees need a lot of space (bonsais not so much...) - we're talking 30-40ft between trees for a forest with 100ft+ trees. So, finding enough open space, somewhere not too far from her own tree, able to be protected (perhaps by her brothers?) with abundant resources (now and in the future?) - That would be enough to make daughters precious, and difficult to raise.
comment Minor Effects for Magical Items
(I know this is an old question but...) At minimum, the battle-ax -> stepstool change seems like an ideal way to sneak it someplace it's not supposed to go; like as 'comfort' for a prisoner...
comment Do sustained spells need constant line-of-sight, or just for the casting?
The wording on area-effect implies that it's only moving it to the new destination that requires line-of-sight to be maintained, not that the caster must keep the (current) destination in sight. Is that correct?
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