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Currently running a bi-weekly Pathfinder game set in Riddleport. While the crime lords make petty war to become Overarch, darker powers pull their strings for a greater prize.

My birthday is Halloween. 'Nuff said, right?

I used to say my dice are old enough to vote. In a couple of years, the children of my dice will vote too.

Favourite RPG books all-time:

  • Realms of Chaos I
  • Planescape boxed set
  • T1-8 Temple of Elemental Evil
  • Aria Worlds
  • Night Below boxed set
  • G1-3, D1-2, Q1
  • Keep on the Borderlands (original & 25th Anniversary)
  • Ptolus
  • Little Keep on the Borderlands
  • DMG 1st Ed.

comment Using Org-Mode for Player and DM Notes?
Is it possible to hack the time and date stamp so it matches your campaign calendar? So, if you mark something as done, it would get logged per the game date and time, not the real life date and time.