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comment Which is a good leather armour for a level 3 striker in 4e?
Basically everything is available as far as I can see. At the moment I am edging towards changing race to Eladrin and getting Eladrin Armor Level 3 since it is a +1 chain with no speed or check bonuses. Is this a good idea? If I'm, reading it right this would boost my AC by +7 and give me an extra square of teliportation with no drawbacks.
comment Representing different languages in online games
Thanks, I know there aren't really any rules, I was just after some conventions since if we all know what they are then we won't get confused between games.
comment How do I gain access to Perception training as a Hexblade MC Rogue in early Heroic?
The DM says "We'll work something out" which is kinda code for "we messed up the balance but that's 0k because suddenly all the traps are signposted" XD Thanks anyway guys, I think we'll be 0k.