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comment Can Wizards wear cloaks and capes instead of robes?
This is dnd-5e Arcane spell failure is forgotten!
comment Revealing game world information
possible duplicate of How do you discourage "player knowledge" as a GM?
comment How does one dispatch a helpless opponent?
Yes and yes for unconscious and paralyzed
comment What are the practical limits to the Disguise Self spell in D&D 5e?
I would rule that knowing the warden's mannerisms, speech patterns etc would give disadvantage on the check.
comment What's the average damage increase from Elemental Adept?
This overlooks the fact that this modification changes the distribution from symmetric to skewed, yes the mean and minimum increase but the median and maximum do not.
comment Is it better to take the array and be Joe Average, or to roll for the odds of getting on average better scores?
@Stephen the method is to roll 4 dice and discard the lowest - this gives a bias towards higher scores.
comment What are the restrictions of an unarmed strike?
Sorry, I must continue to disagree - where is the definition of 1 handed weapon? There is a definition of 2 handed but simply because a weapon isn't the latter does not automatically make it the former. This is left to DM judgement and while in most cases it is obvious that a weapon needs to be held in a hand this is not the case for unarmed strike. If the monk (or anyone else) wants to kick, knee, elbow or head-butt then that is an unarmed strike and it is not "1 handed".
comment What are the restrictions of an unarmed strike?
NRBH but I can't see a) why the 2 handed weapon needs to be stowed or b) why the Dex cannot be used. For a) FoB allows two extra unarmed attacks when you take the Attack action - it does not say that the original attack must be unarmed or with a monk weapon (Martial Arts does). For b) Martial Arts allows Dex when using unarmed or wielding (using) monk weapons - it doesn't say you can't be holding a greatsword at the same time.
comment What are the restrictions of an unarmed strike?
The monk could still use Dex for unarmed strike - flurry of blows are specifically "unarmed" and Martial Arts allows Dex to be used when "unarmed"
comment Does “each creature in blast” include allies?
Sure - real military ordinance does this too. It's called "friendly fire"
comment How does rolling two dice and taking the highest affect the average outcome?
Of course, unless you are a halfling (or have another similar luck feature) a 1 is always a failure so your chance of success on a DC1 is the same as DC2
comment Were there gray renders before the year 2000?
I recall, perhaps incorrectly, that a creature very much like the Grey Render was used in David Edding's book The King of the Murgos about this time.
comment How can I play monsters and NPCs up to their potential?
@Lord_Gareth wrt Good & Evil I would have thought of this as more of a capability thing, the Law vs Chaos as more of a response thing. Wrt to meta-game thinking, I prefer to have my reasons (excuses?) lined up beforehand, thinking this way also stops you from styming the PCs best options/tactics just becuase you can - PCs abilities have been hard won and they deserve to be able to use them. However, if they go arround bragging about how they beat the dreaded X in the tavern then those become common knowledge.
comment Would an armor and shield of light fortification stack?
I agree with all this, see the last sent ace that I originally left out. My point was to clarify the misconception in the other answers that if they were enhancement bonuses they would not stack; if they were they would but they aren't so they don't.