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comment How does rolling two dice and taking the highest affect the average outcome?
Of course, unless you are a halfling (or have another similar luck feature) a 1 is always a failure so your chance of success on a DC1 is the same as DC2
comment Were there gray renders before the year 2000?
I recall, perhaps incorrectly, that a creature very much like the Grey Render was used in David Edding's book The King of the Murgos about this time.
comment How can I play monsters and NPCs up to their potential?
@Lord_Gareth wrt Good & Evil I would have thought of this as more of a capability thing, the Law vs Chaos as more of a response thing. Wrt to meta-game thinking, I prefer to have my reasons (excuses?) lined up beforehand, thinking this way also stops you from styming the PCs best options/tactics just becuase you can - PCs abilities have been hard won and they deserve to be able to use them. However, if they go arround bragging about how they beat the dreaded X in the tavern then those become common knowledge.
comment Would an armor and shield of light fortification stack?
I agree with all this, see the last sent ace that I originally left out. My point was to clarify the misconception in the other answers that if they were enhancement bonuses they would not stack; if they were they would but they aren't so they don't.