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I grew up on 1st Edition AD&D and really got into role-playing with AD&D Second Edition. I moved from that to Champions, playing that through Hero Rules 4th Edition and up to just before 5th Edition came out. I dabbled briefly with White Wolf's World of Darkness (Changeling: The Dreaming).

Then I was out of RPGs for at least a decade. During that time I started working for a living, got married, had kids.

Circa 2009, after reading yet another reminiscence from Wil Wheaton about his role-playing days, the bug bit me again. I cast about looking for a group, but instead found that several of my friends were in the same situation: Played in their teens, stopped, and were now missing it. So we got a group together, settled on D&D 4th Edition and re-learned how to play an RPG. After some perturbations, that went really well for about a year-and-a-half. Then we started exploring some other systems, found it harder and harder to get together regularly (I mean, we all had spouses and/or children, not to mention jobs and houses to look after) so we went on indefinite hiatus.

Then I found that another couple that I know were looking for a group to play with. She'd done some MERP in her youth; he hadn't played since the AD&D 2 days.

So, I started up that 4E Campaign, with me in the Big Chairâ„¢. After some fits and starts, we got going, having a great time along the way. Sure, life got in the way sometimes, and it took ages to get to only 7th level, but we all had fun (when we were able to play).

Now (at the end of 2014) I'm gearing up to start a D&D 5th Edition campaign.

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