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I grew up on 1st Edition AD&D and really got into role-playing with AD&D Second Edition. I moved from that to Champions, playing that through Hero Rules 4th Edition and up to just before 5th Edition came out. I dabbled briefly with White Wolf's World of Darkness.

Then I was out of RPGs for at least a decade. During that time I started working for a living, got married, had kids.

About four years ago, after reading yet another reminiscence from Wil Wheaton about his role-playing days, the bug bit me again. I cast about looking for a group, but instead found that several of my friends were in the same situation: Played in their teens, stopped, and were now missing it. So we got a group together, settled on D&D 4th Edition and re-learned how to play an RPG. After some perturbations, that went really well for about a year-and-a-half. Then we started exploring some other systems, found it harder and harder to get together regularly (I mean, we all had spouses and/or children, not to mention jobs and houses to look after) so we went on indefinite hiatus.

Recently, I found that another couple that I know were looking for a group to play with. She'd done some MERP in her youth; he hadn't played since the AD&D 2 days.

So, now we're getting ready to start up another D&D4 campaign. I'll be in the Big Chair. (Fingers crossed...)