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comment Can a Creature Avoid an Overrun Attempt by an Unseen Opponent?
I don't know why it's getting down-voted. It's perfectly accurate. The game does not say. Offering advice on how to resolve the situation despite an admitted lack of an official rule shouldn't be that bad.
comment Can you teleport someone else out of a grapple?
Note that if the Chuul is grappling the Gnome then he can't get an AoO on the Wizard next to the grapple because he has no threatened space while grappling.
comment When you Obtain a Cohort through the Leadership feat is it per the MM Entry or is it statted as a character?
Yeah, really a cohort's CR should be the number two less than the player's level. ECL and HD are both totally messed up and will just give you bad results most of the time.
comment Combining Base Attack Bonuses
Note, however, that monsters using natural weapons don't gain the additional attacks (aka "Iterative Attacks"). You only gain iterative attacks with manufactured weapons.
comment What is the disadvantage of raise dead+restoration against true resurrection?
When you're high enough level to properly cast True Resurrection on your own, a difference of 20k gp here or there is small change; high level characters have absurd quantities of wealth to throw about. Remember that money that you spend so that you don't keep it (food, bribes, spell components, etc) is to be eventually rewarded again to keep your wealth by level up.
comment Calculating and balancing challenge ratings
Ah, yes, EL not ECL, my mistake. Write it wrong once and keep making the same mistake the whole way through, silly me. As to the idea that "EL doesn't exist in Pathfinder", well that's just absurd. Pathfinder is based on 3.5 with a million little edits. There aren't enough changes to the fundamental math to affect how the CR system works (that would break backwards compatibility), and so the same rules apply to all of 3.0/3.5/PF.
comment How does a DM define a Skill Check value?
This is of course for 4e. In 3e there were suggested DCs for each skill based on the specific task you wanted to accomplish, and the DCs were not level dependent. In 2e and earlier there wasn't really much of a skill system, but the optional skill systems provided in the book generally had you try to roll under your stat.
comment Produce high-contrast numbers on un-painted dice?
After you've used whiteout to fill in all the numbers, scrape a knife blade along the surface of the die to scratch away all the excess whiteout that gets outside the number. This is both slightly harmful to the blade (use a blade you don't care about as much) and will produce minor scratches in your die (won't affect rolling).
comment What are the most important differences for a 1st Edition AD&D Dungeon Master learning to run D&D 4E?
The options are more diverse than 1e had in a slightly confusing way. To give the players the ability to affect the plot you need to go outside the rules and make it up just like you did in 1e, but 4e fills in more of the combat playspace and so it's less obvious that you should just go outside the rules in the book, and 4e players don't generally expect that it will happen as much.
comment What can I learn from playtesters?
If they're not playing to break the game, then how are they being honest? People will play to break the game eventually, you might as well face that from the start.
comment Does recoil affect gunnery, and can RC accessories be used?
+1 for The Gaming Den
comment Are Earthdawn's dice mechanics as unfair and wonky as my player claims?
That entire paper is composed of advanced math that is probably understood by at most 5% of the Earthdawn playing population, probably far less. I think you need to dumb it down a lot until someone who hasn't even taken calculus can understand it before you call it "quite easy".