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Roleplaying author best known in the 1980s (over 25 million copies sold). Former active contributor on this site. Received "Top User Swag Package" from StackExchange.

Haven't been here much lately. I have plenty of RPG websites to visit, and this site is actively hostile to old-school gamers (including me). Moderators encourage it and even participate in the abuse. Example: One moderator refuses to rephrase his question: "In most RPGs, PCs become inured to murder..." Not in my 35 years of experience, sonny. That's like saying 'this banana is rotten so all bananas are rotten.' (And there's lots more negativity around here, and very few old school questions.)

To add insult to injury (literally), I was publicly derided/insulted by Community Coordinator Josh Heyer (aka Shog9), in blatant violation of the alleged policy (link below).


::shrug:: I don't need the abuse. Look me up on other sites (user name ExTSR almost everywhere).

comment How to Handle a Powergamer / Munchkin
"Would you penalize a player who's a good combat strategist just because the other players aren't as good at it?" -- When considered in the context of the overriding goal -- fun for ALL, not just for One -- your comment is simplistic. :/
comment How can I make my game more “noir” as a GM?
Applause. When a GM or gaming group has transcended rote and wants to reach for style, things are going well, to say the least. +++ for questions of this general type, and for solutions to same! A very mature pov, and one to be encouraged.
comment What are some sources for in game puzzles for players?
Such logic puzzles are indeed easily converted. But since they're for the players, rather than the characters, resist attempts to solve them with a skill check or other die roll. ;>