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Fuzzical Logic

I am a professional software developer with 15 years experience developing in multiple platforms, languages, architectures and data environments. Throughout my career, I have served in nearly every aspect of development including conception, specification, design, development, implementation and marketing. Currently, I am starting my own development enterprise focused on architecture fortification through sub-standardized interops in mobile environments. My specialty is in real-time data transformation, manipulation and application, and executable communications.

About Extended Dialog: (in closed Beta Registration)

A collaborative socially networked development blog for companies and independent developers. This blog seeks to be a valuable resource to novice and expert developers alike and to create a networked collaborative interface to each other, enthusiasts and the public.

(Developed entirely by Donald Atkinson for nTouch Software, LLC)

Company: nTouch Software, LLC (in construction)

Currently developing an efficient interoperability model for sharing data-space and operational needs. Developers (particularly mobile developers) are in strong need of tools that enhance functionality while enhancing the user experience. These tools are aimed at reducing development time and costs in intuitive ways, and reducing the time, knowledge, and experience required for users to get simple, everyday tasks completed.

  • Languages: Java, VB.net, C#.net, VB 3+, VC++ 5+, XHTML 1/1.1, HTML 4+, CSS 2+, JS
  • Platforms: Android 2.1+, .net 2.0+ Win16, Win32, Win64, specialized Linux environments
  • Databases: SQLite 2+, MySQL 4+, MS SQL Server 3+,