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comment Can I circle around an opponent and avoid opportunity attacks?
@PremierBromanov: Unless there's some kind of trap or other hazard in the spaces you need to pass through. Caltrops, a pit, fire ants, etc.
comment How to get players to do something without them feeling railroaded?
Character creation is always my choice. The group can't really expect to play individually, so just ask them to come up with reasons. They'll do the DM's work for him and have fun doing it.
comment How do I respond when a player trivially kills my boss monster?
Great answer! I'd add a list of things that might happen, but it depends on the players as you said. They can explore for treasure. Find traps, Rescue friends from the traps. While being attacked by annoying X. They find lots of treasure! Unfortunately some mook running away from his boss's demise alerted bandits/City Guard/tax collectors and they are waiting... Lots of things can happen.
comment Do charmed people realise they were charmed after the end of the spell?
@Ellesedil I think role playing comes into it. For example, if after a refusal the target is Charmed and then offered a good reason, like a bribe, he could attribute his change to that.
comment Can a blink dog take items with them when using their Dimension Door ability?
What about getting crazy like does a zombie count? A vampire? A flesh to stone statue? A golem? Heh.
comment Rules for owning and training wolf
Or instead of toning down the animal companion, the PC is training both the wolf and himself and his next class will be Ranger from his new love of animals.
comment Does my longsword +1 add bonuses to casting, if swords are my holy symbol?
Plus sword as holy symbol is just awesome and cool so should be allowed. It's used in fiction. I am almost sure that a sword had a cross worked into it and was effective in deterring vampires in at least one Buffy or Angel episode. And I know I've read it in at least one vampire novel.
comment Cursed items are being Identified too easily
Ah yes the opposite alignment gender swap belt of giant strength...always popular and fun at parties!
comment What is a “funnel”?
Me too. No matter which tomb, ruin or other rumor the players follow, they end up at the same end boss. They don't know that though.
comment Modeling a “Bob” in Dresden Files
Bob can use magic. When he has the memories from his time with Kemmler he nearly kills Harry. Its probably related to Bob being a spirit and the magic of necromancy.
comment How do I challenge my PCs who fight every battle like Mongol horse archers?
Ah ha here we go:
comment How do I challenge my PCs who fight every battle like Mongol horse archers?
Right. Big shields only work from one direction. If the archers surround the unit then they have no cover. They might be able to "form square" but good archers can still drop arrows into the opposite side of the square. A SUPERBLY TRAINED phalanx/legion could form a square and the center hold shields vertically, AND march, but I imagine such units are very rare elite troops.
comment Is there a layer of the Abyss that is controlled by celestials?
@Dane: Does a lawful good Drow cease to be a Drow? Although, yes, a devil or a celestial seems like it should be a special case.
comment Why is time-dilated simulspace not an I Win button?
I wonder if you can use combat drones to convert mental actions into physical at 60x speed. An overpowered robot body designed to act at 60x human speed perhaps.
comment Does flight warrant Move Silently checks?
@JonathanDrain: But this should apply to the flying character as well for spotting things on the ground. May or may not be a problem.
comment How do I add a recurring fantasy villain without frustrating the players?
The big bad can be out of reach. Perhaps instead of taunting the PCs directly they just find evidence of him in many encounters. An assassin they fight off. Papers with orders found in the lair they just cleared out. The last words of the spy dying from poison he just took. Etc.
comment Does the target of a spell know who is casting it?
@KRyan: That might depend on how magic works in your world. If the wizard says the same words for the same effect each time then the fighter may pick it up. If however, a wizard needs special training to know which words to use for today's moon phase, or perhaps magic words are so mind-twisting that untrained people can't even hear them properly, or remember them.
comment How do I handle lengthy (days+) actions without slowing the game
@InbarRose: But it does make sense if they need that sword to save the universe! Or if they have extra time. If they get to the ritual location or whatever ahead of time, perhaps they can set up there and prepare while waiting for the stars to align and the rest of the cultists to arrive.
comment Creating undead as a good cleric in Dark Sun
In some fiction, undead have been "good". Sort of. There was one where a group of good clerics and some order of knights voluntarily become undead guardians when they died, to protect this really valuable artifact thing. I don't remember any more than that though.
comment How can I make my carrying mission interesting
@Dakeyras: Maybe but you can still use it! It is a cuddly cute lost tiger kitten and its mom is looking for it. And they're intelligent tigers. :-)