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comment Where's is defensive strike in the Compendium?
Thanks Caden. Again, I'm not worried about not having a legal option, I'm disappointed that the card isn't available in the compendium and I have to manually add it to the third party tool I'm using.
comment Where's is defensive strike in the Compendium?
Pat I was mostly wanting to using some of the 3rd party tools that access the compendium and import my power cards, power cards that were included in the Red Box. It's very strange, the Compendium makes it seem as though the contents of the Red Box are available, however this card, as well as some others that I can't remember off the top of my head, are missing.
comment How much is too much? Rules for looting in D&D4
We got into a discussion about whether or not the shortsword could be carried in addition to the greatsword that the character was weilding. We're all noobs, most of the groups play WoW so the RPG concepts are familiar, but not in context of D&D. My question while asking for specifics was really pretty general. We don't have any experienced folks to give us any ideas.
comment What is the upgrade path for characters generated with the Red Box Starter kit?
I actually have The Heroes of the Fallen Lands book... and it includes this: “Have you played the Red Box? If you played through the Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy roleplaying Game Starter Sset, you now have a sense of how the game world operates. We recommend you rebuild the character you played, using the options available in this book”…”or create an entirely new character to play!” I guess I was hoping that there was some "errata" or some player helper that had been created to ease this transition.