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In The Beginning Was The d20. Daniel is a long-time computing geek who spends his days spreading this good word. Interests include painting, medieval swordsmanship, and every conceivable form of game design.

comment Hacking into a mesh insert in Eclipse Phase
@BrianBallsun-Stanton Draupadi had found the right place, but missed the other use - besides going from Spotted to Covert, you can use Upgrading Status to escalate privilege from Covert to Hidden. Hidden intruders have effectively rooted the system; they act with admin access rights but need not show up as an admin-level user.
comment Can temporary character banality be lower than permanent?
It's page 152 in the second edition, and it's not mistranslated: the book says temporary banality causes you to slip into the Mists. However, permanent Banality affects the difficulty of Enchanting, and cantrips are ambiguous. (While not a mistranslation, I suspect it is an error, because I agree this seems silly.)
comment What is “GM/DM Fiat?”
A fiat is an order, or decree, by someone in authority. I hope that makes the phrase clear; it's not actually a roleplay-specific term. (So I'm not answering, because I suspect this question really belongs on English.SE.)
comment Shouldn't The Doctor almost always be an NPC?
+1 for "or writing an all Time Lord game", a solution I'd completely neglected but now really want to play.
comment How do you have interesting events happen after a success?
@AlexP is right. That last part is exactly what I meant by "Make them awesome, then skip to the drama", except that your example is better than mine.
comment What are the most important features needed in a shadowrun 5E character generator?
@MadMAxJr I think this question might be salvageable, as tools for running RPGs are on-topic even though development isn't; it just needs rephrasing. Welcome to the site, Demonnic. We'll be better able to give you a meaningful answer if you can edit to be more specific about what you're looking for, in roleplay terms. (Do you want a feature list from players about what's important in character creation? A wish-list for GM automatic NPC creation? You'll need to let us know what would constitute a "correct" answer; we don't cover general discussion here.)
comment What's a good class and race for beginners?
Hello, Zerocaliber, and welcome to the site. This is an interesting critique and a great first answer. +1.
comment Too many divergent side quests. What do I do?
Hello, and welcome to the site. As you clearly realise, this is really two separate questions, and they probably have separate answers. You're likely to receive much better results if you edit this post to ask only the first question, and ask the second as a new question. This lets people address each part of the problem in the depth you need.
comment What was behind the creation of the gods/planes?
Are you concerned only with the D&D-original deities (Corellon, etc.) or should the answer handle D&D's sometime inclusion of Norse / Greek etc. pantheons as well? (@AnsisMalins: If your campaign involves plane travelling or divine intrigue, taking the mystery out of gods is a functional necessity.)
comment Homebrew special ability for invincibility in 3.5
A quick clarification - is it important that the problem is solved using the teleport trick, or is another form of invulnerable-until-later acceptable? (I ask because the teleport creates an additional problem - if the creature can immediate action teleport 30', it can almost certainly outrun the party. So the party will need reason to believe they can get away.)
comment Adding and balancing a new Stress Track?
@ProfessorLokiCaprion: Hello, and welcome to the site. This is a great first question, and as a FATE fan and old-hand Torg GM I'm glad to see it. Once you've earned the minimum 20 rep, please feel free to join us in chat for further discussion.
comment Player as animal companion?
It should be pointed out that Druid is a Tier 1 class, and then some. You can take away 1/3 of its power and it's still even against most characters. The animal companion might have a power problem; the druid won't.
comment What are the Differences Between the Original and Revised Versions of Star Wars d20?
I planned to contrast with in-game experience, but don't need to, because you've covered all the important points. +1 to you.
comment How do I run a game for a larger group?
An additional note: D&D4 is one of the worst games for generating some of the issues you describe; it simply wasn't designed to handle groups over 6. There are games where parties of 9 can work quite well; D&D 4e isn't one of them.
comment What do I do about PCs using Con damage to “nuke” bosses?
Absolutely so. Let them enjoy their triumph. Let the bards sing of it. And the next smart bad guy they face... listened to the bards, and hired a necromancer.
comment What do I need to keep running D&D after finishing the Red Box?
@waxeagle: While I'll agree that there are many good starting out 4e questions, it's much harder to find a discussion of the Core/Essentials split than I'd guessed. rpg.stackexchange.com/q/1173/862 is almost a dupe, but that question doesn't expressly discuss the difference between Essentials and Core. The only answer I could find that comes close to doing so is rpg.stackexchange.com/q/1023/862, which is arguably too comprehensive to answer the question. I'm therefore voting to leave open.
comment Character creation phases for a new character
@JohnCraven: Thanks; you've made me realise that I made this sound longer and more involved than it should be. If you're doing it right, it need only take ten or fifteen minutes while you weave the new character's story in. I'll consider how to edit.
comment How do I run Paranoia for just one player?
+1 for an interesting approach. And yes, "Brazil" is required viewing.
comment Is Fate Accelerated Edition lighter in tone than Fate Core?
Hello, and welcome to the site. It's always good to have an official answer!
comment What information a DM should have at hand when in an encounter?
I know player hp maximum values just so I have a vague sense of how much damage my monsters are doing compared to what the party can take. Yes, players often have conditional defences, but they also usually don't, and it's nice not to have to ask "did they hit?" every time. YMMV though, so I'll edit that point in.