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comment What is the normal “pace” for a 4E session/campaign?
For what it's worth, a fast pace of advancement within a campaign can lead to two problems: 1) it makes it hard for the DM to plan ahead, since characters may be way beyond a planned challenge by the time they get to it, and 2) it can create cognitive dissonance, because serious NPC threats you met "yesterday" become way beneath you. It's a bit weird to go from from fighting rats to fighting demigods in under a month of in-game time.
comment Overpowered PCs (Gabe's Dilemma)
I'm curious as to why you say the DM needs to find a way to keep the campaign going.
comment I'm at a loss with “Dungeons and Dragons.” How does one play it, anyway?
This wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/whatisdnd might help, although it is somewhat specific to the current, in-print edition.
comment When do you reach a 'milestone'?
Why "fix" your encounter difficulties? Not all encounters should be te same level of challenge, and it's reasonable for the milestone rules to acknowledge that.