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comment How to help players settle down and focus?
Aww, we use the phones to send around secret notes! Now we'll have to go back to pen and paper!
comment How do you keep the party on the map?
I use this approach a lot. It's fun!
comment Best way to use a GM Screen nowadays?
I always thought GM screens were borderline antisocial. There are plenty of ways to keep information hidden from players without resorting to building fortifications.
comment What is the reason for introducing the rule for Attacks of Opportunity in D&D?
BTW, if you're an old hand you might recall the patchwork of rules for these things in the original D&D and AD&D. Attacks of opportunity provide a single consistent mechanic that, as Jonathan pointed out, actually makes the game more interesting.
comment How do I create a sense of mystery about magic?
You could get some inspiration from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay's Second Edition. There, magic has just enough unpredictable and dangerous effects that spellcasters will not meddle with the arcane for trivial reasons, but not so many that it becomes un-usable as a class' main gameplay mechanic.
comment How to deal with broken combos?
Seconded. If they want to hack-n-slash they can stay home and re-install Diablo 2 ;)
comment How to maximize the opportunities of roleplaying military rank in a PC group, while minimizing the limitations on the players
This is more or less how I run my military-based CP2020 campaign. It is indeed vital to get everyone's buy-in up-front, as well as setting the mood by researching things and in general making it feel like a military setting. We mostly go the "elite special forces" route (just like your Inglorious Basterds comment) to avoid dealing with too much red tape, but once in a while red tape can be a plot hook in and of itself.