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I graduated in 2010 in Computer Science and Automation at Polytechnic of Marche, with thesis about computer networks security.

My career started as a webmaster/sysadmin in a small web services company, then I moved to world of programming as a iPhone developer.

Actually I work as a junior software engineer in a CAD/CAM software house where, after a year caring about management software, I've started to create an algorythm for identification of paths from hand scratches on leather.

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I started to play actively four years ago with my girlfriend's party with D&D 3.5. After a year, I decided to become a DM and I designed a OWoD/NWoD campagin which we left after a year for trying D&D 3.5. Seems that writing fantasy stories goes better than modern horror, we're still playing on the same campaign since then.

A hint: In a small village a local young druid and her party discover two invisible towers and manage to enter in one of them. Inside lies a human skeleton wearing a small non-magical outfit nearly uncuttable (ndr: my error, yes) and powerful weapons [...]. Some days later a strange man appear and starts to bother the party.

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