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  • Former research and teaching assistant.
  • Former SW developer in a research institution.
  • Currently teacher in a technical high-school.

Always keep in mind: What Have You Tried?

Should one of my students read this... enter image description here

Yes, I know you can get help enter image description here for your homework from the Internet enter image description here, but I usually get you ... sooner or later. enter image description here

Once a former student of mine managed to smuggle a smartphone in the classroom during a written test enter image description here. After reading his test enter image description here it took me about 5 minutes to find the exact URL of the crap enter image description hereenter image description here he put on his sheet (20+ years-old pre-standard C++ code with non-standard includes). enter image description here

Remember : Internet is full of free stuff ... and crappy stuff is particularly free enter image description here. Thus choose wisely what you are "borrowing" enter image description here.

Of course feel free to learn from what you find on StackOverflow (and other StackExchange network sites)! You could manage to outsmart me and get better grades! enter image description here

Happy Coding (or SW/HW Hacking)! enter image description here

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