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My name is J├Ârgen Kosche.

I'm a programmer using mostly Java.

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comment Does Improved Channel increase DC for Command Undead?
Thanks. I think James Jacobs has a bit authority regarding Pathfinder-rules, so I accept your answer instead of starweds.
comment Do any games have XP (or a similar concept) as an in-game construct?
Oh, Torg seems to be an excellent example of what I have in mind. At least after reading the Wikipedia-entry about it: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torg. You should provide a link to the system.
comment Do any games have XP (or a similar concept) as an in-game construct?
Very nice. I didn't know this game yet, but it seems to be in the style of Cory Doctorow's Magic Kingdom-novel. Only Whuffie is now Flow.
comment What is the reason for introducing the rule for Attacks of Opportunity in D&D?
So it boils down to 'simulating realism' (at least to some degree). All three reasons you give are about more realism. But if we look at RPGs, simulating realism shouldn't always the most important design-goal. Are there reasons for AoO besides realism?
comment Biggest GM pitfalls for new GMs?
In reality as I encounter it such descriptions fast become annoying and the players demand to go on with the fight.
comment How to design game elements other than combat?
I know that this example can be done by role-playing instead. But I have the general feeling, that most systems I played so far are centered on combat. If you don't like that example, how do you handle a search for something? Do let the players roleplay: 'I look in this edge, and under the carpet and ...'. What if you play a sports competition. One skill-check and done? I want to play with more focus on these activities, that's why I ask this question.
comment Are there any RPGs released based on the world of Bas-Lag?
D&D can be tuned to thaumaturgy, torque and crisis-energy? Great. An own game designed for this world would be better though. I should make Paizo happy and buy this copy of the magazine.
comment What dice system to choose?
Ah, that in line I was looking for. This article does define similar criteria for the evaluation. Thanks for this hint.
comment What dice system to choose?
I want a comparison of dice-systems - e.g. D20 is more random as X. This should help to decide for a system that matches my own needs.
comment What is the disadvantage of raise dead+restoration against true resurrection?
But only the usage on missing or decayed corpses doesn't really make this big price-difference acceptable, I think.