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Top new questions this week:

How to handle "I investigate for <this particular thing>" checks

The characters enter a room, and get the general "what do you see" spiel. One player announces that he wants to "Investigate the room for ". (Let's say "investigate for odd ...

dnd-5e gm-techniques skills  
asked by Brondahl 30 votes
answered by enkryptor 50 votes

A player loves the story and the combat but doesn't role-play

Together with my best friend Jon, I'm in a group of people who enjoy RPGs. I've been GMing for several years in this larger group. Other friends of that group also GM. I'm the most story-oriented GM, ...

gm-techniques problem-players  
asked by Olivier Grégoire 17 votes
answered by guildsbounty 36 votes

How do's dice work?

The character sheets on have the option to roll checks and to roll specific dice on the web page. How do these 3D animated dice work? Do they generate a random number and the ...

dice dnd-beyond  
asked by StuperUser 15 votes
answered by Thomas Markov 31 votes

Can World of Darkness vampires drink water?

Vampires in "Vampire: the Masquerade" can't eat normal food. Not only do they not get any nourishment out of it, it tastes foul to them and if they swallow it they'll immediately vomit (...

lore world-of-darkness vampire-the-masquerade  
asked by A. B. 12 votes
answered by Upper_Case 11 votes

How can this regular hobgoblin from the Acquisitions Incorporated adventure "The Orrery of the Wanderer" use a Spell Scroll?

The official D&D 5e book Acquisitions Incorporated published by Wizards of the Coast includes an adventure, The Orrery of the Wanderer. In a section of Episode 2 (p. 116), a hobgoblin carries ...

dnd-5e magic-items spellcasting npc  
asked by Erïch Jacoby-Hawkins 12 votes
answered by Tiger Guy 34 votes

Does the second benefit of the Piercer feat allow rerolls of non-piercing damage?

The second benefit of the Piercer feat reads (TCoE, p. 80): Once per turn, when you hit a creature with an attack that deals piercing damage, you can reroll one of the attack's damage dice, and you ...

dnd-5e feats damage damage-types  
asked by bonfire 9 votes
answered by Thomas Markov 12 votes

Are there RAW mechanics that a Necromancy Wizard can use to animate dead with consent?

I want to create a necromancer in the Forgotten Realms setting. One that gets some kind of consent for their necromancy when it comes to using other creatures' corpses, be it from each creature that ...

dnd-5e wizard forgotten-realms necromancy  
asked by João Provin 8 votes
answered by Thomas Markov 13 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Wielding two weapons without "Two-Weapon Fighting" or "Dual Wielder"?

We have a Barbarian on our team that very much likes to switch up his weapons; he goes from a Dwarven Hammer, to a pair of Hand-Axes, to occasionally just going bare-fisted. No issues there, he's ...

dnd-5e combat two-weapon-fighting  
asked by Ben 34 votes
answered by Oblivious Sage 56 votes

What tier are the Pathfinder classes?

I know what tiers are, but what tier are the various Pathfinder classes? This is about Pathfinder only, no 3.5 material is relevant. An ideal answer would cover all available (non-prestige) classes, ...

pathfinder-1e optimization balance class  
asked by Oblivious Sage 22 votes
answered by KRyan 34 votes

What is the most damage that can be done in a single melee attack?

So, I was attempting to theory-craft a character that could deliver a massive amount of damage in a single melee attack. I know that there are builds to deliver a massive amount of damage in a single ...

dnd-5e optimization attack melee-combat  
asked by Jay Kay 24 votes
answered by Dacromir 33 votes

What are the playable D&D races in 5e, and where can I find them?

There's not a lot of material published by WotC for 5e (relative to previous editions), nor is there planned to be. However, there are playable races for D&D scattered around in a few different ...

dnd-5e races  
asked by nitsua60 98 votes
answered by nitsua60 139 votes

When do I use active vs passive perception?

So, I'm trying to figure out how to run the scene from the beginning of Lost Mine of Phandelver (5e starter set) where the party is ambushed by goblins and I'm really confused as to how Passive Wisdom ...

dnd-5e skills  
asked by ctsag 68 votes
answered by Purple Monkey 63 votes

What is the Fastest a Character Can Move in One Turn?

At level 20 with any magic items in the DMG, and any spells, what is the fastest a DnD 5e character could move using their movement? (i.e., not including teleportation)

dnd-5e optimization movement  
asked by Strill 33 votes
answered by Miniman 45 votes

How long are the life phases of a dragon?

The life phases of a dragon in 5th edition D&D are: Egg Wyrmling Young Adult Ancient Given that a dragon lives for at the least 15-ish centuries, up to I think well over two thousand years, how ...

dnd-5e dragons aging  
asked by David Hunsicker 16 votes
answered by Samuel Kelley 46 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Hold manuever during blind fighting (Vampire: The Masquerade v20)

I'm wondering if two kindred are clinching one another or one performs Hold maneuver on another in blind figthing conditions (in pitch darkness for exmaple). Lets say one of them is Gangrel with Eyes ...

optimization world-of-darkness vampire-the-masquerade vampire-20th-anniversary  
asked by Alexey2040 2 votes

When does using a Shield help?

Going over the rule about Conflict regarding Action/Defense Dice, it's not clear when Shields (which grant Defense Dice against physical attacks) are useful. Do you always roll Shield Dice when you ...

asked by Ifusaso 7 votes
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