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Top new questions this week:

Since the caster of the Zone of Truth spell knows whether a creature failed the save, can they use it to detect hidden/invisible creatures?

I'm DMing for a 5e party that includes a cleric, as many parties do. This cleric has found (what appears to be) an interpretation of the wording of the "Zone of Truth" spell that makes it even more ...

dnd-5e spells stealth invisibility  
asked by Sssargon 33 votes
answered by Gandalfmeansme 34 votes

Player has trouble imagining the ingame situation

The Situation I have been a GM for a few years on and off, for at least half a dozen of groups with at least 20 different players and have played my fair share of systems. A few weeks ago my ...

gm-techniques new-players splittermond  
asked by Chund 32 votes
answered by raithyn 15 votes

What are the official opposing schools of magic?

I understand that, in some editions of D&D, there has been this concept of opposing schools of magic, and that specialising in one school may prevent you from learning as another (in the context ...

dungeons-and-dragons magic  
asked by NathanS 27 votes
answered by guildsbounty 38 votes

How do I pick a location to play a tabletop RPG?

A group of friends and I have recently purchased a rulebook and pre-made adventure for a fun looking game. None of us have played a tabletop RPG before. We have all the material objects we need - ...

gm-preparation logistics  
asked by indigochild 24 votes
answered by Cubic 25 votes

Drawing from the Deck of Many Things with a Simulacrum

Tl;dr: Can I use my Simulacrum to draw from a Deck of Many Things and if yes, what restrictions do apply? Longer version Imagine the following situation: You have gotten a Deck of Many Things ...

dnd-5e magic-items  
asked by Tobias F. 19 votes
answered by GcL 28 votes

How do I play Masks to find out what changes, rather than to find out what happens?

Many Powered by the Apocalypse games make an agenda item of playing to find out what happens, discarding notions of "this will be my arc and this is how any particular scene from it will go" and ...

gm-techniques powered-by-the-apocalypse masks  
asked by Powerdork 18 votes
answered by Glazius 15 votes

Can a wizard cast Blink, then Polymorph into a TRex to become a blinking TRex?

Blink is a non-concentration spell, so you can easily have both up. Does anything prevent you from using blink, then Polymorph and continue to blink? The blink effect isn't a class feature like rage, ...

dnd-5e spells wizard  
asked by TheKrush 16 votes
answered by Gandalfmeansme 17 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Player claims their wizard character knows everything (from books). Solutions?

I have a player who is an elf wizard and his entire backstory and goal is knowledge related. He made his elf well over 200 years old and claims that his character has read a massive amount of books ...

dnd-5e problem-players character  
asked by krakenships 174 votes
answered by Oblivious Sage 309 votes

How much does a house cost?

I'm running my players through the Lost Mines of Phandelver starter campaign and the fighter character with an aversion to low standard living arrangements is interested in buying a local home that ...

dnd-5e pricing  
asked by Phranq 23 votes
answered by Adeptus 24 votes

Optimal Focused Fighter Builds in Pathfinder

Using just the core rulebook and the advanced player's guide, what would be an optimal build for a fighter using 25 points for point-buy character generation? Assume it's a level 10 fighter intended ...

pathfinder-1e character-creation optimization  
asked by Maximillian 22 votes
answered by mxyzplk - SE stop being evil 20 votes

What are the major differences between D&D 4e and 5e?

What are the major differences between D&D 4e and 5e? I have been playing 4e for about a year, and I have been considering selling my books to get 5e. What are the major differences, and is there ...

dnd-4e dnd-5e edition-comparison  
asked by ThatlonelyEladrin 29 votes
answered by KRyan 63 votes

How does casting a cantrip work? Is it different than casting a regular spell?

I am a new DM. I do not understand how casting cantrips is supposed to work. For example: is a wizard able to cast Firebolt as an action and then, because Firebolt is a cantrip, cast it again as a ...

dnd-5e spells actions  
asked by TXChag 13 votes
answered by lithas 20 votes

What exactly is "base AC"?

The phrase "base AC" appears in the D&D 5E basic rules exactly once, in the description of the Mage Armor spell. This says: The target’s base AC becomes 13 + its Dexterity modifier. But ...

dnd-5e armor-class  
asked by mattdm 25 votes
answered by wax eagle 36 votes

What is "my guy syndrome" and how do I handle it?

I've been reading forum posts and blogs who mention "my guy" syndrome as a specific type of difficult player, but I can't seem to find a solid definition for the term. Can someone explain this ...

terminology problem-players  
asked by Nameless Nick 376 votes
answered by Alex P 451 votes

Can you answer these questions?

What is the max starting gold I can effectively have in AL without using XGtE's "This is Your Life" options or DM rewards?

I am trying to locate the MOST possible starting gold in AL for a level 1 new PC. Without using XGtE's "This is Your Life" options or DM rewards? The Goal: Is to have excess of 200gp, even by a ...

dnd-5e character-creation optimization dnd-adventurers-league wealth  
asked by Jeffrey Witty 4 votes

Is it possible to translate in-place after inapposite travel?

When a creature travels via inapposite means (inapposite gate, harness, directly from the strange, etc), will end up out of context when the laws of the destination recursion differ, and will begin ...

asked by AlienAtSystem 3 votes

How would learning Share Energy unbalance GURPS Dungeon Fantasy/DFRPG?

So, Dungeon Fantasy/DFRPG doesn't offer Share Energy. To any character. It's a Healing College spell, and those (barring Lend Energy and Recover Energy) are the exclusive domain of Clerics -- but ...

magic gurps-dungeon-fantasy  
asked by Zeiss Ikon 1 vote
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