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Top new questions this week:

How can I improve combat so my players don't always use the strategy of collectively focusing fire on one enemy at a time until it's dead?

I'm DMing a campaign on 5e with a group of four players. We're all experienced in RPG in general but not specifically on 5e. Players are Level 4. Wizard, Fighter, Rogue and Druid, Circle of the Moon. ...

dnd-5e combat tactics  
asked by Jorge Córdoba 26 votes
answered by Black Spike 60 votes

How should I handle a player attacking from the top of a tree?

There is a player in my group whose character is developed around staying in trees, climbling, Athletics, Acrobatics, and such. He likes to climb trees and then leap down onto enemies from the tree ...

dnd-5e combat combat-maneuver falling  
asked by Jack 23 votes
answered by Allan Mills 33 votes

I think one of my players wants to leave the campaign

I am a relatively new DM. I am running my first campaign, which started about a year ago, with some close friends from college. We have all played D&D before, but this is the first time I’m ...

dnd-5e problem-players player-communication parting-ways-with-players  
asked by ahhhhhhhhh 22 votes
answered by SeraphsWrath 23 votes

Can the Protection fighting style be used in this way?

One of the players in a party I DM is an Eldritch Knight and he uses "Protection " in every single battle. Here's what Protection is: Protection When a creature you can see attacks a target ...

dnd-5e class-feature fighter reactions fighting-style  
asked by Jamie Watts 20 votes
answered by kviiri 55 votes

Can a Barbarian/Wizard multiclass cast a spell with a magic item while raging?

My party has a Barbarian who multiclassed to wizard. Levels 3 and 1, respectively. He has incorporated the Staff of Defense (from Glasstaff in the Lost Mine of Phandelver Starter Set adventure) into ...

dnd-5e magic-items barbarian spellcasting rage  
asked by Stormwind 19 votes
answered by Pyrotechnical 32 votes

How can I make this labyrinth feel more alive/Daedalian and less like an RNG?

Ask Angry post Spoilers follow about the new D&D 5e Stranger Things Starter Set from Hasbro/Netflix. I've recently bought the Stranger Things-themed D&D 5e Starter Kit. I'm a vet of the ...

dnd-5e published-adventures hunt-for-the-thessalhydra  
asked by D. Ben Knoble 16 votes
answered by Zimul8r 13 votes

Can the Balhannoth speak?

From Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes comes the Balhannoth (p. 119). In the Languages part of its statblock, it says: Languages understands Deep Speech, telepathy 1 mile Normally when a creature ...

dnd-5e monsters languages  
asked by svenema 16 votes
answered by jgn 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you calculate your character's Maximum Hit Points?

I am very new to tabletop games. I have recently started playing D&D 5th Edition with a good group of people and we have a great DM. I have also purchased the 5th edition Player’s Handbook. Half ...

dnd-5e character-creation hit-points  
asked by Fallen 16 votes
answered by aramis 32 votes

How do I determine my ability scores?

So I am a new player of D&D and am making my character. I am not sure how to get the numbers for abilities: (wisdom, strength,..etc). I read the manual and it did not go into detail about how ...

dnd-5e character-creation ability-scores  
asked by Tarin Drainer 9 votes
answered by RichardJ 16 votes

What exactly does the Attack Bonus on weapons apply to?

Completely new to D&D; myself and some similarly inexperienced players jumped in with D&D 5e, using the premade characters for the starter set that was released. We searched around but couldn't ...

dnd-5e attack  
asked by Twinduct 22 votes
answered by gatherer818 25 votes

New girl gamer in our D&D group is causing weird tension - what to do?

I'm concerned because a new player just joined our D&D 5e group and is super flirty with all the male players (both in person and as her character - she's a bard). And the problem is that she's ...

new-players problem-players group-dynamics  
asked by MsGreen 116 votes
answered by T. Sar - Reinstate Monica 120 votes

How many spells can a cleric learn?

The number of spells a sorcerer can learn is listed in the PHB, e.g. a 5th level sorcerer can know 6 spells total. For a wizard, it says they learn 2 spells per level. This however is not shown for ...

dnd-5e spells cleric  
asked by Warlockofdarkness999 9 votes
answered by Airatome 51 votes

Are there requirement for crafting magic items?

Are there any class, proficiency, or skill requirement to craft a magic item in D&D 5th edition other than to possess the minimum character levels? I.e. 3rd level for Common and Uncommon Magic ...

dnd-5e magic-items crafting  
asked by RS Conley 25 votes

When do I use active vs passive perception?

So, I'm trying to figure out how to run the scene from the beginning of Lost Mine of Phandelver (5e starter set) where the party is ambushed by goblins and I'm really confused as to how Passive Wisdom ...

dnd-5e skills  
asked by ctsag 60 votes
answered by Purple Monkey 56 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Which (if any) fiends die of old age?

I've seen people say that fiends can live forever, but never a source for where this fact is from or when/why it's the case. At least in 3.5e various things refer to creatures' "time being up" without ...

monsters dungeons-and-dragons aging  
asked by 47948201 5 votes

Do WoTC release any of their results/feedback regarding gameplay design?

So, the Artificer class has finally been released, and I found it curious that the Archivist from the UA Artificer (revised) had been cut. Obviously play test content is always subject to change, but ...

dnd-5e unearthed-arcana artificer  
asked by Max Colledge 6 votes

How did 3e evolve into a more rigid ruleset?

Prompted by a comment to this question: How to use skills — did this change between editions and how? Interestingly, 3.x was originally intended to be used as a toolset like AD&D, but it ...

pathfinder-1e dnd-3.5e history-of-gaming  
asked by martixy 6 votes
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