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Top new questions this week:

My sister wants to play every other week at our weekly table. How do I fix the issues that come with this?

My sister and I both play at the local game shop once a week. It costs five bucks for anyone to get in. Recently, my sister has started attending a church program every Wednesday and wants to play D&...

group-dynamics player-communication absent-players attendance  
asked by Sabre Dorko Score of 19
answered by Dan B Score of 37

Is this homebrew Friend Blade spell balanced?

I want to implement a spell that would give casters a bit more options (God knows they need them) and enable some potentially funny shenanigans. Is this spell balanced against the current roster: ...

dnd-5e spells homebrew-review  
asked by curious_penguin Score of 12
answered by Oblivious Sage Score of 22

As a GM, how can I balance weapon proficiencies that I grant to players for good roleplay?

I like a bit of roleplay in my games and I'm quite supportive of any players that play in dumb but in-character ways. I often give some advantages here and there but I am a bit worried about balance. ...

gm-techniques balance pathfinder-2e  
asked by HFOrangefish Score of 9
answered by Ruse Score of 13

Training in the Dojo

I have scanned the 4th edition rules for the fifth time by now, and I still can't seem to find what I am seeking. I know, that it takes a measure of weeks (typically two to four) to train an animal to ...

skills experience-points l5r-4e training  
asked by Trish Score of 8
answered by CatLord Score of 2

Can you teleport more safely through scrying?

Scrying allows you to see a place somewhere else: You can see and hear a particular creature you choose that is on the same plane of existence as you. (...) Instead of targeting a creature, you can ...

dnd-5e spells teleportation divination  
asked by Groody the Hobgoblin Score of 7
answered by Jack Score of 8

Can the NPC Archdruid from Monsters of the Multiverse cast wildfire when using change shape?

The new Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse gives revised rules for many, many monsters, including the Archdruid (pg. 48). The revised text for Change Shape says (inter alia) While in a ...

dnd-5e monsters  
asked by Sycorax Score of 7
answered by Thomas Markov Score of 9

How do temporary HP stack in D&D 3.5 under the rules as written?

Just what the title says: how do temporary HP stack in D&D 3.5 under the rules as written? I have a way that I run the game, which has worked for me just fine. Based on some other answers here, I ...

dnd-3.5e stacking temporary-hit-points  
asked by fectin Score of 7
answered by Quadratic Wizard Score of 12

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I calculate my skill modifier?

I'm trying to fill out the skills section on my first character, but when I look at the character sheets in the Starter Set as examples of how to make a character, the skills that are circled have ...

dnd-5e character-creation skills proficiency  
asked by meepboop Score of 15
answered by nitsua60 Score of 20

How do you calculate your character's Maximum Hit Points?

I am very new to tabletop games. I have recently started playing D&D 5th Edition with a good group of people and we have a great DM. I have also purchased the 5th edition Player’s Handbook. Half ...

dnd-5e character-creation hit-points  
asked by Fallen Score of 16
answered by aramis Score of 33

What spells are available to teleport willing characters?

What are the official spells (published materials only) that can be used by characters to teleport both themselves and others in Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons? Which classes can cast them and ...

dnd-5e spells teleportation  
asked by Tiggerous Score of 26
answered by Netzach Sephira Score of 45

Player claims their wizard character knows everything (from books). Solutions?

I have a player who is an elf wizard and his entire backstory and goal is knowledge related. He made his elf well over 200 years old and claims that his character has read a massive amount of books (...

dnd-5e problem-players  
asked by krakenships Score of 189
answered by Oblivious Sage Score of 334

What's the difference among Feral Tiefling, Variant Tiefling, and Variant Feral Tiefling on D&D Beyond?

In the D&D Beyond marketplace for Sword Coast Adventurers Guide, there is a Feral Tiefling race for purchase, but there are separate Variant Tiefling and Variant Feral Tiefling subraces for ...

dnd-5e races tiefling dnd-beyond  
asked by Bloodcinder Score of 5
answered by Bloodcinder Score of 10

For a basic unarmed strike, is only the proficiency bonus included in the attack roll, or is the Strength modifier also added?

The Player's Handbook, Chapter 9, states about attack rolls: The ability modifier used for a melee weapon attack is Strength A bit later on it also states about melee attacks: Instead of using a ...

dnd-5e combat attack unarmed-combat attack-roll  
asked by mdrichey Score of 16
answered by V2Blast Score of 27

What is the most damage that can be done in a single melee attack?

So, I was attempting to theory-craft a character that could deliver a massive amount of damage in a single melee attack. I know that there are builds to deliver a massive amount of damage in a single ...

dnd-5e optimization attack melee-combat  
asked by Jay Kay Score of 27
answered by Dacromir Score of 36

Can you answer these questions?

What ways are there to cast spells faster?

Some spells take significantly longer than an action to cast, but can be cast much quicker than that under some conditions: Wish (1 action). Duplicates a spell of 8th level or lower. A Chronurgy ...

dnd-5e spellcasting time  
asked by Laurel Score of 2
answered by Groody the Hobgoblin Score of 0

What is origin of mankind according to common wh40k beliefs?

In wh40k universe, the Imperium of Man is based on religion that generally says "emperor protects" etc. But is there some religious explanation regarding origin of mankind? I'm pretty sure ...

lore religions-and-deities warhammer-40k  
asked by user46147 Score of 3

Anydice: a pool where stress dice cancel out action dice of equal or lower value and return the number and value of action dice remaining in the pool?

I've seen a couple of other posts with similar but distinctly different dice canceling mechanics so I figured I would ask for a hand. The mechanic is this: Players roll a pool of Xd6 Action dice and ...

dice anydice  
asked by Erbrakaderbra Score of 3
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