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Top new questions this week:

DoIP Dragon Barrow Area D5 – how is this not a likely TPK?

I'm running Dragon of Icespire Peak, and my players have encountered the Dragon Barrow. This question relates to the mechanics of a specific part of the quest, so I've liberally used spoiler blocks to ...

dnd-5e published-adventures character-death encounters dragon-of-icespire-peak  
asked by Dan W 19 votes
answered by Pyrotechnical 7 votes

Mechanics to represent twin intuition?

I have 2 players who will be playing tabaxi twins, they have a really good backstory and have asked me is there is a way they could have some sort of a link, so if they are not together and one is in ...

asked by Richard C 19 votes
answered by SeriousBri 20 votes

What is the "Ultimate Book of The Master"

Dragon magazine #82 features an article from Bruce Heard referencing magical research. One early chapter contains the following line: To begin finding the answer to that question, we must first roll ...

dungeons-and-dragons lore books  
asked by SeriousBri 19 votes
answered by Carcer 34 votes

What has Mordenkainen done to maintain the balance?

I understand that Mordenkainen has become a wizard who strives to 'maintain the balance'. My understanding of which involves ensuring that neither good, evil, law or chaos become too strong (though my ...

dungeons-and-dragons lore  
asked by SeriousBri 18 votes
answered by Kirt 11 votes

Is Armor Class a difficulty class (DC)?

Frightened talks only about DCs: [...] You take a status penalty equal to this value to all your checks and DCs [...] Compare it to Clumsy: [...] You take a status penalty equal to the condition ...

conditions pathfinder-2e armor-class difficulty-class  
asked by András 17 votes
answered by Ifusaso 17 votes

How should I set up and execute air battles in my session to avoid easy encounters?

I'm running the Storm King's Thunder campaign, and we are at the portion where the PCs get an airship to travel around in, the airship is about 1000ft in the air. There are approximately 5-6 lvl 7 PCs,...

dnd-5e gm-techniques combat  
asked by Justin Panaitescu 16 votes
answered by Upper_Case 19 votes

Protection against an aboleth's enslave ability

I am structuring the first part of my campaign and have decided the big bad is an aboleth. However supporting the aboleth will be a wizard, who has sought the creature out and is willing to work for ...

dnd-5e magic-items magic  
asked by Richard C 14 votes
answered by Ryan C. Thompson 22 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

For a basic unarmed strike, is only the proficiency bonus included in the attack roll, or is the Strength modifier also added?

The Player's Handbook, Chapter 9, states about attack rolls: The ability modifier used for a melee weapon attack is Strength A bit later on it also states about melee attacks: Instead of using ...

dnd-5e combat attack unarmed-combat attack-roll  
asked by mdrichey 12 votes
answered by V2Blast 23 votes

Is there a real use for the Medicine skill?

Does the Medicine skill have a hidden use I don't know about? All I can see in the rules is that it allows a successful skill roll to stabilize a dying character, which a healer kit does without a ...

dnd-5e skills healing  
asked by ProfessorZ 88 votes
answered by wax eagle 101 votes

How do I read 2d10 as a percentage?

I own 2 d10 dice with differently numbered sides (0 through 9, and 00 through 90), although the same applies for two identical 'regular' d10 dice. How do I read the percentage value if I use both ...

asked by Marc Dingena 31 votes
answered by gomad 65 votes

How does extra damage work for critical hits?

I'm a bit confused on how extra damage works for critical hits. Let's take the following example: A thief with sneak attack rolls a crit. I'm under the impression he rolls double his normal attack ...

dnd-5e damage critical-hit  
asked by K.Niemczyk 55 votes
answered by Adeptus 65 votes

Without a magic item economy, what is gold for?

PHB page 144, Equipment, Wealth, Selling Treasure Magic Items. Selling magic items is problematic. Finding someone to buy a potion or a scroll isn’t too hard, but other items are out of the realm ...

dnd-5e magic-items treasure  
asked by synesthesia 218 votes
answered by Peteris 208 votes

How does a wizard or bard learn new spells?

I can't find anything in the D&D 5e books about learning spells as an arcane spellcaster. I have a question: As, say, a Wizard levels up and gets new spell slots, does he need to go to a library ...

dnd-5e spellcasting  
asked by GM Rod 9 votes
answered by nitsua60 30 votes

What difference does it make for a weapon to be made of adamantine?

I'm wondering about the differences between metals when it comes to weapons in D&D. For example, if I have a Steel Dagger and an Adamantine Dagger, what would be the difference between the metals ...

dnd-5e weapons special-materials  
asked by Liga 30 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How to create a Full Borg Character in Cyberpunk Red?

So I recently got the cyberpunk red core rule book and have been making characters for it. I've been enjoying character creation for it but I do have a question. See I've been wanting to make a solo ...

house-rules homebrew cyberware cyberpunk-red  
asked by Gwideon 2 votes

Demiurg vessels and drones for Rogue Trader

Is there any fan implementation of Demiurg Vessels for Rogue Trader system? Not only their vessles proper, but their automated mining drones as well.

warhammer-40k rogue-trader  
asked by Srv19 2 votes

How does the receptacle power actually work?

This is actually several questions, but closely related enough I felt they should be asked as one question. If the community disagrees, I'm happy to split them up. The 2nd Edition Complete Psionics ...

psionics adnd-2e  
asked by gatherer818 1 vote
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