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Top new questions this week:

Petrification at low levels

I was considering using a Medusa in my home game against a group of 4th-level characters. With a CR of 6, a Medusa is well within the proper XP range for such a group. However, I'm nervous about using ...

dnd-5e monsters conditions encounter-design  
asked by Darth Pseudonym 32 votes
answered by Thomas Markov 56 votes

How can I give my players more short rests without breaking immersion?

While there are a lot of questions concerning how to give players fewer resources (usually by reducing the frequency of rests), this question is the inverse: I've had issues at my table with the ...

dnd-5e encounter-design rests spotlight  
asked by Andrendire 25 votes
answered by ShadowRanger 39 votes

Should players know other creatures' HP? How do you deal with players not knowing the opponent's HP if not?

I recently started playing D&D, and I was wondering about this. I know it is up to the DM to choose whether or not players know enemies' remaining HP in combat: is it recommended to do so? ...

dnd-5e gm-techniques combat hit-points metagaming  
asked by Charel 23 votes
answered by Darth Pseudonym 36 votes

Approximately how much damage should a concentration spell do each round to be balanced against instantaneous damage spells?

The DMG (p. 283) provides a table for approximate damage for single target and multiple target spells by level: Spell Level One Target Multiple Targets Cantrip 1d10 1d6 1st 2d10 2d6 2nd 3d10 4d6 ...

dnd-5e spells damage concentration  
asked by RedGeomancer 21 votes
answered by Dale M 9 votes

What is the impact of moving a fallen PC in the initiative order?

If you receive more damage than your current hitpoints, you are Knocked Out. Among other things, "You immediately move your initiative position to directly before the turn in which you were ...

pathfinder-2e initiative unconscious  
asked by András 20 votes
answered by Raven Dreamer 30 votes

Rogue Feats & Damage: Elven Accuracy vs Mobile

Purely in terms of potential damage, am I better off taking Elven Accuracy, or Mobile, as a first feat at Level 4? Question Conditions: The option to disengage after making melee attacks is crucial ...

dnd-5e feats optimization damage rogue  
asked by Brave 11 votes
answered by Caleth 12 votes

When is it better to choose Hideous Laughter over Cause Fear as a Great Old One TomeLock?

I'm trying to decide between Cause Fear and Hideous Laughter for my Dwarven Great Old One TomeLock who has just reached second level. I've chosen a non-melee build for my character, (trying to avoid ...

dnd-5e spells optimization warlock  
asked by AncientSwordRage 11 votes
answered by KorvinStarmast 14 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How much does a house cost?

I'm running my players through the Lost Mines of Phandelver starter campaign and the fighter character with an aversion to low standard living arrangements is interested in buying a local home that ...

dnd-5e pricing  
asked by Phranq 29 votes
answered by Adeptus 27 votes

How does one craft Potions of Healing?

The Basic Rules/PHB say that an Herbalism Kit is required to create potions of healing. However, the crafting rules only allow you to make nonmagical items, and the description under Potion of Healing ...

dnd-5e crafting potions  
asked by Gregory Avery-Weir 60 votes
answered by wax eagle 45 votes

How to calculate passive perception?

For Christmas my kiddo got the D&D Starter Set and we've been going though it and the full rules we downloaded online. I'm having a hard time figuring out how the example listed in the rules gets ...

dnd-5e skills proficiency  
asked by often confused 14 votes
answered by Ruse 34 votes

How do you calculate your character's Maximum Hit Points?

I am very new to tabletop games. I have recently started playing D&D 5th Edition with a good group of people and we have a great DM. I have also purchased the 5th edition Player’s Handbook. Half ...

dnd-5e character-creation hit-points  
asked by Fallen 16 votes
answered by aramis 33 votes

What is "my guy syndrome" and how do I handle it?

I've been reading forum posts and blogs who mention "my guy" syndrome as a specific type of difficult player, but I can't seem to find a solid definition for the term. Can someone explain this ...

terminology problem-players  
asked by Nameless Nick 415 votes
answered by Alex P 489 votes

What is the broad overview of the differences between Wizard and Sorceror in D&D 5e?

What are the differences between Wizards and Sorcerers in D&D 5e, in broad overview terms? Really, I'd like to know this from two perspectives. One I have a somewhat idea about from reading the ...

dnd-5e class-feature wizard sorcerer  
asked by RyanFromGDSE 12 votes
answered by inthemanual 19 votes

How do I calculate my skill modifier?

I'm trying to fill out the skills section on my first character, but when I look at the character sheets in the Starter Set as examples of how to make a character, the skills that are circled have ...

dnd-5e character-creation skills proficiency  
asked by meepboop 15 votes
answered by nitsua60 19 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is there a way to change dim light to darkness?

I play a Gloomstalker whose Umbral Sight feature makes them benefit from darkness, and we're often in areas of dim light. I'd like some way to change the dim light to darkness around myself. It doesn'...

dnd-5e class-feature vision-and-light  
asked by enumag 6 votes
answered by FuriousCactus 0 votes

Would giving the Arcane Archer the Spellcasting feature (from the Eldritch Knight) be overpowered?

The Arcane Archer is generally acknowledged to be underpowered or unfun (Would these changes to the Arcane Archer be imbalanced?). Suggested improvements usually focus on increasing the number of uses ...

dnd-5e homebrew-review arcane-archer  
asked by RedGeomancer 4 votes

What's the base value of Attribute Thresholds?

Mechwarrior 3rd Edition starts the buying of stats on page 56, after one is through the lifepath. It begins somewhat neat: The cost of an attribute depends on its Attribute threshold determined ...

character-creation mechwarrior-3e  
asked by Trish 2 votes
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