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Top new questions this week:

How do I get a new player to stop rewriting my game to match his favorite fiction?

I have a D&D 5e game that I've been running for a year that is on pause because some players don't want to play online or go outside (stupid plague ruining my tabletop). So I offered my son and ...

gm-techniques problem-players group-dynamics world-building  
asked by Gramor Fale 41 votes
answered by KorvinStarmast 54 votes

Looking for a late 80's (or possibly early 90's) D&D one-shot adventure based around a bar room brawl

About 20-25 or so years ago, our group played a D&D one-shot adventure that was entirely based around a bar room brawl. It started out with us in the inn post-adventure, and then developed over ...

dungeons-and-dragons published-adventures product-identification one-shot  
asked by Richard C 20 votes
answered by G. Moylan 26 votes

What are the 5E origins of the Mind Flayers?

The 3rd Edition D&D sourcebook Lords of Madness says the illithid species originated in the distant future and somehow traveled to the distant past to avoid extinction. A trilogy of 2nd Edition ...

dnd-5e monsters lore  
asked by king of panes 17 votes
answered by TheVagrantDog 16 votes

What is a joiner, with regard to Waterdeep's "Fellowship of Salters, Packers, and Joiners"?

One of Waterdeep's many guilds is the Fellowship of Salters, Packers, and Joiners (listed in the introduction of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, p. 13). What is a joiner in this context? Merriam-Webster ...

dungeons-and-dragons lore forgotten-realms waterdeep-dragon-heist  
asked by mdrichey 17 votes
answered by ZwiQ 28 votes

In Adventurers League, can you change Full Plate armour into Half Plate?

Playing in AL my barbarian has acquired a set of adamantine full plate armour. As this prevents him from his rage benefits, I was wondering if I could simply use it as adamantine half plate, using the ...

dnd-5e magic-items armor dnd-adventurers-league  
asked by john boyd 15 votes
answered by Dan B 14 votes

What was this Giant, Metal Death Monster I remember?

Does anyone remember a giant metal type monster from one of the older versions of D&D? I have a vague memory of some sort of monster that the gods of death might send in to balance out the ...

dungeons-and-dragons lore religions-and-deities content-identification  
asked by user3689417 14 votes
answered by Sanford Bassett 24 votes

Would it be balanced to increase the Spell Level of Hypnotic Pattern?

To me, Hypnotic Pattern seems quite strong for a 3rd Level Spell. The main reason I think so is that it can affect a huge number of targets, and a creature that fails the saving throw will not get ...

dnd-5e spells balance  
asked by Mars Plastic 13 votes
answered by Cubic 33 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the most and least-resisted damage types?

Inspired by these related questions, as well as my previous question on the matter, I'm curious what the most and least resisted damage types are in DnD 5e? Ideally I am looking for a list similar to ...

dnd-5e damage-resistance damage-types  
asked by B. S. Morganstein 86 votes
answered by András 90 votes

What is the purpose of a spell attack modifier?

In the 5e Player's Handbook, the Wizard Class on page 114 defines a spell attack modifier, but the spells I have looked at all specify attack damage without using this modifier or mentioning it. I ...

dnd-5e spells attack  
asked by John Robertson 21 votes
answered by wax eagle 34 votes

How does Expertise work?

Bards get Expertise at level 3. How does this work? For example, if I have a standard proficiency bonus of +2, and if I have proficiency in Perception with a Wisdom ability modifier of +2, then my ...

dnd-5e proficiency  
asked by Robbie 18 votes
answered by Javelin 36 votes

How do I read a 4-sided die?

In the Red Box starter game, when you choose to be a Rogue, it says that your damage is 1d4+4. When I rolled the dice, it had all three "4" symbols facing up. Did I do 4 damage, or do I add them up to ...

asked by John 34 votes
answered by Thunderforge 103 votes

How do I determine my ability scores?

So I am a new player of D&D and am making my character. I am not sure how to get the numbers for abilities: (wisdom, strength,..etc). I read the manual and it did not go into detail about how ...

dnd-5e character-creation ability-scores  
asked by Tarin Drainer 12 votes
answered by RichardJ 18 votes

How does switching weapons work?

How does switching, or dropping, weapons work in D&D 5e? Does it take an action? For instance, if I have a polearm equipped, can I switch to two handaxes, throw the handaxes, and then switch back ...

dnd-5e weapons actions  
asked by Alex319 21 votes
answered by wax eagle 24 votes

Multiclassing: How do Ability Score Improvements work?

Given that every class gets a minimum of 5 ability score improvements each at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 19 (Rogue and Fighter get more at other levels), do these ability score improvements occur by ...

dnd-5e class-feature multi-classing ability-scores character-advancement  
asked by Dyndrilliac 19 votes
answered by SevenSidedDie 37 votes

Can you answer this question?

Wildshape (3.5) interaction with craven & rend?

So, a 15th level druid (with other classes added) wildshapes in to a legendary ape. He possesses the following feats/abilities: Craven You take a -2 penalty on saving throws against fear ...

dnd-3.5e feats  
asked by Obi1 1 vote
answered by KRyan 0 votes
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